Top 10 Best Train Horns For Trucks 2020 Reviews

If you drive a big truck, you would know how important a horn is as a vehicle accessory. Multi-trumpet air horns fulfill a variety of uses on the road. A train horn is a great way to add character to your truck for more. The best train horns for trucks give you many benefits with safety guidance and your trucks’ special character. Due to this, they are becoming trendy products for truck drivers. This article will provide you with a review of the 10 best train horns, followed by a brief buying guide to save you time.

Having a loud set of horns on your vehicle can help you get noticed and signal other drivers, especially those who are not paying attention. Careless drivers on the road mostly cause accidents, so having a good horn will serve you well to protect you from them. Train horns are some of the loudest horns, and that will give you the most noticeable sound as you press the horn to get noticed by other drivers around you. While some train horns can be mounted under your hood or in the bed of your truck, some models allow you to mount them to your roof or on the top of your vehicle’s hood. This will give your vehicle a unique look and new characteristic, especially with the horns that come in sleek black or shiny chrome. Adding a train horn kit to your vehicle can increase your truck’s value, and picking the right one is very important.

10. Carfka Air Train Horn Kit for Truck Car

Carfka Air Train Horn Kit for Truck Car

This is a deafening train horn from Carfka. This upgraded interior structure horn can produce a deeper and higher tone with a higher-tech system to make sure your horning is super loud and clear. This high-performance Air Train Horn features a 2020 upgraded air compressor with a larger coil, premium material, stronger air pressure makes it a better and more clear warning to other drivers over their actions. This product also has a longer life span with a Chrome Plated ZINC coating. It comes with an e 30-day money back, 1-year warranty, and lifetime support.


  • Deeper and higher tone
  • 2020 upgraded air compressor
  • Large coil
  • Chrome Plated Zinc coating
  • 30 days money back

9. GAMPRO 12V 150db Chrome Zinc Dual Trumpet Air Horn

GAMPRO 12V 150db Chrome Zinc Dual Trumpet Air Horn

This is a high-quality material Trumpet Air Horn from GAMPRO. It features a chrome-plated zinc coating for non-rusting benefits. It fits on any 12 Volt Vehicle. The level of the dual trumpet air horn is super loud with a 150 dB sound level. It is effortless to install. It works in a fresh or saltwater environment and ideal for almost any weather condition. You can set this up with your car to get that nicer and slicker look.


  • Chrome-plated zinc
  • Super loud sound
  • 150db level
  • Easy to install
  • Enduring to weather

8. 150DB Train Horn – 4 Trumpet Truck Horn Kit with 120PSI Air Compressor

This is the set of 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn made of high-quality zinc material and chrome-plated metal to ensure maximum strength and durability for long-lasting usage. For your trustworthy purchase, it is designed to be weather resistant, to withstand any rough weather and extreme heat. It is equipped with safety protection, which means if the compressor goes above 176°F, it will automatically shut off. It comes with 4 vibration pads to install under each leg for easy mounting.


  • Premium zinc material
  • Chrome-plated coating
  • Weather-resistant
  • Safety protection
  • 4 vibration pads

7. asmahan Air Horn 4 Trumpet, for Car

asmahan Air Horn 4 Trumpet, for Car

Asmahan Air Horn is amongst the best electric train horn for cars and trucks. It is made of high-quality material and black-plated metal to ensure maximum strength and durability for long-lasting usage. The black-plated coating is designed to be weather resistant. It can blare a loud sound level with a powerful 150DB sound. The kit includes an air compressor that has a 1.59-gallon tank and pumps up to 100 psi. It has a safety protection feature, which means if the compressor goes above 176°F, it will automatically shut off and start back up when it has cooled down.


  • Black-plated coating
  • Durable material
  • 150DB sound level
  • 1.50-gallon tank
  • Auto shut off safety feature

6. Vixen Horns Train Horn Kit for Truck

Vixen Horns Train Horn Kit for Truck

Vixen Horn Train Kit is one of the deafening ones for your trucks. They aim to make you safe as they bring the on-going drivers’ attention to the loudness of your horn kit. It has a tank capacity of 0.5 gallons with a 150 PSI compressor. It also has thermal overload protection for your safety, so it will not overheat and cool down if you have been using it or driving under extreme heat. It is straightforward to install with mountain hardware come included with the kit.


  • Remarkably loud
  • Tank Capacity: 0.5 Gallon
  • 150 PSI Compressor
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Mounting Hardware Included

5. Viking Horns V101C-3/4008B Loud

Viking Horns V101C-3/4008B Loud

This is a loud Viking Horns model V101C that features a powerful 149Db train sound system when you press on the horn button. This air horn set is made of metal and base in black color. They come in a set of 4 trumpets, so the sound is thunderous and clear. It is thanks to its heavy-duty 150 PSI air pressure and oil-less design that this horn kit can become so powerful for your truck. The air tank capacity is 1.5 gallons big, so you can easily attract the attention of reckless drivers with a free horn button included.


  • 149 decibels train Sound air horn
  • 4 trumpets, metal trumpets, and base in black color
  • Heavy-duty 150 PSI max pressure, Oil-less Design
  • Air Tank Capacity: 1.5 Gallon
  • FREE horn button

4. SuxiDi Four-Trumpet 150 psi Air System 150dB+

SuxiDi Four-Trumpet 150 psi Air System 150dB+

This compressor from SuxiDi Four comes with a built-in 0-150 PSI pressure gauge designed to support high-pressure air horns requiring an on-board air system. This loud 150db air horn kit comes with a built-in temperature switch with great performance and safety consideration. It will automatically shut off when the air compressor goes over 80°C and restart when it gets back down to 70 °C. This powerful quad trumpet air horn is made entirely of metal for maximum protection against all weather conditions.


  • 150 PSI pressure gauge
  • High-pressure air horn
  • Safety check
  • Premium metal
  • 150DB+ sound level

3. Train Horn Kit Car Air Horn 4-Trumpet Kit Set Compressor

The four horns are made of high-quality chrome and galvanized materials. To ensure its strength, durability, and long enough life. The weather-resistant design ensures that it can be used in any weather conditions, even in extreme cold and blizzards. The four horns emit strong and powerful sounds, up to 150DB, and the loud sounds can attract the attention of people around them even if they are far apart.

This air horn is very suitable for people who want to use sound to remind people to pay attention to the owner. It can be installed on most cars, whether your car is a car, a truck, a motorhome, a tractor, a truck, or even a boat. This means that if the compressor temperature exceeds 176°F, it will automatically shut down and restart when it returns to 158°F. Don’t forget to protect safety while providing a strong sound so that you can use it more at ease.


  • 150DB Loud And Powerful Horn
  • Wide Range Of Use
  • Safety Protection Device
  • Durable Material
  • Easy to Install

2. Schafter 150DB Chrome 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn 12V 150 PSI Compressor

Schafter 150DB Chrome 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn 12V 150 PSI Compressor

The air horn from Schafter is made of high-quality zinc material and chrome-plated metal to ensure maximum strength and durability to withstand rough weather and external elements.

The 12V 150 PSI Trumpet Vehicle Air Horn blares out a Loud and Powerful Warning. This trumpet Air Horn Compressor Kit will produce a powerful 150DB sound with the 150 PSI compressor. It helps improve your safety and your family as you drive. It is equipped with safety protection for auto shut off when overheating and 4 vibration pads to install under each leg when you easily mount them.


  • Premium zinc material
  • Chrome coated
  • 12V, 150 DB level
  • 150PSI compressor
  • Easy mounting

1. COOCHEER 150DB Train Horn Kit, 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit

COOCHEER 150DB Train Horn Kit, 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit

This Coocher Horn Kit is amongst the loudest 12-volt horn available for your trucks. It is made of high-quality zinc material and chrome-plated metal, so it is extremely weather-resistant. It features a 1.59-gallon tank and pumps up to 120PSI. When the pressure drops to 90PSI, the compressor will kick on and pump back up to 120PSI for your constant loudness horn at a level of 150DB. This air horn kit is easy to install, and it is also flexible and portable, so you can easily move from one car to another. It comes with 4 vibration pads to install under each leg when mounted; a 30 amp fuse, a petcock style tank moisture drain for long-lasting use.


  • Loud 12-volt horn
  • 150DB, 120 PSI
  • Easy to install
  • Portable
  • Moisture-free

Train Horns For Trucks Buying Guide

How To Get The Right Train Horn For Trucks

With so many train horns for trucks available in the market right now, getting the right one might be difficult. Remember, your train horn has to be very loud for others to hear you easily. To get a loud sounding train horn, you have to consider four main features that would make your purchase of train horns for a truck a satisfying one.

Features of Train Horn for Trucks

Air Tank Capacity (Gallon): most common air train horn comes with an air tank sized from 0.5 to 1.5 gallons. The bigger your air tank is, the longer the blast of your horns will stay after you press a single horn button. This means you get more time out of your horns. A bigger tank can also power more accessories and features on your vehicle for more benefits.

Air Compressor Level (PSI): The air tank holds the compressed air that powers your horns. However, the air compressor loads the tank so the sound can be delivered loud and clear. When you look for air compressor levels, they appear as in PSI. The higher the PSI rating, the more pressure the compressor can pump into your holding tank. This means you can produce a louder and longer sound. The ideal ones usually come as an air compressor with 12-volt power.

Loudness (Db): train horns for trucks can be deafening; it is the horns’ purpose, so make sure the one you are getting is thunderous yet remain within the standard loudness allowed in your area. The loudness of the horn can be measured in Decibels (DBS). It usually comes between 100-160DB. The higher the decibels, the louder the horn, and the further you can hear the horn sound.

Ease of Installation: Look for horn kits that can be easily installed and DIY-friendly. They should come with screw sets and other equipment that you can set up yourself.


To get the best performance and longest life out of the loudest train horn for a truck, you need to make sure the horn you are getting meets at least three of the four features mentioned above. It will ensure you are getting the best deal to keep you safe and sound. Keep in mind the sound level, the air tank, the compression, and the installation set. Happy shopping, and enjoy safe driving on the road.