Top 8 Solid Black Tanning Lotion 2020 Reviews

Are you looking to get yourself tanned to prepare for your summer vacation at the beach? Then you are reading the right article. This piece of writing will provide you with the essentials and reviews of solid black tanning lotion to get that most effective indoor tanning lotion for a dark brown beach body.

Solid black tanning lotion has become the alternative to natural tanning as damage from the sun’s UVA rays can be aging to the skin and cause skin cancer. Today tanning lotion has no potentially-irritating chemical additives, zero streakings or staining, and gives you a natural look.

Buying Guides of Solid Black Tanning Lotion

Bronzer: Bronzer refers to the sunless tanning agent that is present in the lotion. The higher the number of bronzers, the quicker you will get tanned.

Application: look for a tanning lotion that provides a natural look, and does not leave a stain or sticky residue. Skin enrichment ingredients are a plus.

Now that you know the main features to consider to get the right solid black tanning lotion for that beach body, let us go through the reviews of the 8 best one in the market right now for convenient shopping!



This darkest bronzer indoor tanning lotion is solid black lotion comprises 200X Black Bronzers with nice scented rum extract to elicit your darkest tan yet. It has a skin firming element for youthful skin with plumping tightens & tones for your firm and fit skin. Also using Cocoa & Coconut butter as its ingredient, this tanning lotion provides lush moisturizing for the optimal tanning base. It is DHA-Free, Paraben-Free, and Gluten-Free. And this lotion does not involve any Animal Testing.


  • 200X Black Bronzers with rum extract
  • Eternal Youth skin firming with plumping tightens & tones
  • Cocoa & Coconut butter provide lush moisturizing
  • DHA-Free, Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, No Animal Testing

7. Devoted Creations Black Obsession Black Bronzer

Devoted Creations Black Obsession Black Bronzer

Next is the Devoted Creations Black Obsession. This classic black bronzer tanning lotion includes high DHA Cosmetic Bronzers for effective tanning and White Truffle for oil skin correctors. It also includes anti-aging elements of Kakadu Plum. Their features Blue Tansy Counteracts orange tones to provide you with the deepest bronzed results. It blends well with the Cashmere Blend and 24 Hour Hydration system. SunXtend Color Extending Formula provides extra toning and the lotion has a great smell of Midnight Berry Rush Fragrance.


  • High DHA Cosmetic Bronzers
  • Anti-aging elements: Kakadu Plum.
  • Stain-free Cashmere Blend and 24 Hour Hydration system
  • SunXtend Color Extending Formula

6. Dolce Vita The Sicilian

 Dolce Vita The Sicilian

The Sicilian tanning lotion is from Dolce Vita. This lotion includes high levels of DHA for a quick and natural-looking tan. It contains high Silicone for skin softening and tan extending properties. The lotion enriches and softens your skin with Walnut and Macadamia nut oils. No need to worry about the smell on your body, the lotion has Acai Berry as its ingredient for rich antioxidant benefits and Melanin booster for quicker, darker, longer-lasting results. Included Co-Q10 element stimulates collagen also provides younger, healthier-looking skin


  • High DHA Infused Tanning Bronzer
  • High Silicone for skin softening
  • Walnut and Macadamia nut oils for a natural tan
  • Co-Q10 to stimulate collagen

5. 2-PACK SOLID BLACK from Millennium Tanning

2-PACK SOLID BLACK from Millennium Tanning

This 2-PACK SOLID BLACK tanning products are from Millennium Tanning with Bronzer Lotion and Tan Extender. The 200X Triple Bronzer Lotion Formula contains dark, long-lasting immediate, and delayed bronzing results. It has added skin tighteners, toning agents, and antioxidants, with the super-soft silicone blend. Another product in this pack is the TAN EXTENDER Moisturizer Lotion that provides Ultra-Hydrating Tan Extending Moisturizer with Skin Softening Argan Oils and Cocoa & Shea Butters for soft and natural-looking tanned skin.


  • Silicone Infused, Fade Protection
  • Ultra-Rich 200X Black Bronzing Formula
  • Ultra-Hydrating Tan Extending Moisturizer
  • Skin Softening Argan Oils + Cocoa & Shea Butters.

4. Die Hard BLACK Tanning Lotion

 Die Hard BLACK Tanning Lotion

This tanning lotion is formulated with fast-acting, rapid-release high DHA bronzer for extreme bronzing results. It contains Melanin bronze to further stimulates melanin activity to allow for longer-lasting, darker tanning results. It has caffeine and green tea extracts as its ingredients that seek to energize, firm, and tighten your skin after tanning. No need to worry about your body smelling like tanning lotion with Acai berry & pomegranate infused for the great smell but also as an anti-aging antioxidant to avoid any skin damage.


  • Fast-acting rapid release high DHA
  • Melan bronze for a long-lasting tan
  • Caffeine and green tea extracts – energize, firm, and tighten the skin
  • Acai berry & pomegranate for great smell and anti-aging

3. Millennium Tanning Insanely Black Dark Tanning Lotion

 Millennium Tanning Insanely Black Dark Tanning Lotion

This is another tanning lotion from Millennium Tanning with its Insanely Black series. This lotion increases skin cell microcirculation to product deeper and darker tanning results with 60X Mega-Tingle formula. It delivers extreme dark bronze tanning results through its super luxurious silicone emulsion blend. This dark tanning lotion leaves your skin smelling great with a delightful fragrance of blackberry citrus. No need to worry about stick face, this lotion provides even coverage without leaving a sticky or greasy residue on the skin


  • Super luxurious silicone emulsion blend
  • 60x Mega-tingle formula for an ultra-dark look
  • Skin cell microcirculation
  • The delightful fragrance of blackberry citrus
  • Even coverage no sticky or greasy residue

2. Supre Snooki – Ultra Dark Black Bronzer By Nicole Polizzi

Supre Snooki - Ultra Dark Black Bronzer By Nicole Polizzi

This is Supre Snooki’s Ultra Dark Black Bronzer By Nicole Polizzi. Featuring Black Bronzing Blend of Black Walnut, Henna, and DHA, this tanning lotion allows your skin to continue to darken after UV exposure, for the deepest, darkest tan imaginable. The lotion includes HyperDarkTM Tanning technology to prepare your skin for a deep, natural golden color. It also contains a vitamin-enriched skin conditioner blend to help the skin fight against environmental stress for healthier skin. The SoftChicTM skin moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond oil hydrates skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and sexy.


  • Black Bronzing Blend of Black Walnut, Henna, and DHA for a quick and great tan
  • HyperDarkTM Tanning technology to prep your skin for tanning
  • Vitamin enriched skin conditioner
  • SoftChicTM skin moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond oil
  • Paraben-Free

1. Millenium Tanning 3 Piece Solid 100X Tanning Lotion

Millenium Tanning 3 Piece Solid 100X Tanning Lotion

Finally, this is a Millenium Tanning 3 Piece Solid 100X Tanning Lotion. This ultra-advanced features a high 100X silicone bronzer for you to have a quicker and darker tan that is long-lasting. It features auto-darkening tan technology to ensure the skin continues to naturally tan as it absorbs UV. Also has Tan Enhancer to ensure safe tanning that would not damage your skin. It also contains Skin Enrichment material for you to maintain healthy skin and natural and soft glowing skin. The high-quality silicone bronzer ensures there is no residue and stickiness on your skin. No need to worry about smelling like chemicals because this lotion is infused with orchid blush for that nice fragrance smell.


  • Ultra advanced 100X silicone bronzer
  • Auto-darkening tan technology
  • Tan Enhancer to prevent skin damage
  • Skin Enrichment material
  • No residue and stickiness
  • Fragrance: orchid blush


Now that you have gone through all the reviews of the 8 best solid black tanning lotion, we hope you have at least one or two products that stuck on your mind. Remember to consider the quantity of Bronzer and other darkening agents, easy application, and skin enrichment ingredients for you to get that best yet tanned skin. Get ready for that tan body, and happy shopping.