Top 8 Olhausen Pool Tables 2020 Reviews

The Olhausen pool table that you choose for your home or office could become a central gathering point. You can use this table for socializing, and you can use this table to place a friendly wager on a game. You can play any game of pool you want using the table, and you could use the table as a way to play and chat. Churches like to set up these tables in their youth room, or you could put a pool table in your break room, or you could build a parlor around the pool table. Buy a pool table that will keep you entertained, and be certain you chose the table for how it functions in your space. You could choose something very classic, or you might choose a more modern pool table that advertises your favorite school.

8. Vegas Golden Knights Eight Foot Table

Vegas Golden Knights Eight Foot Table

The Vegas Golden Knights eight foot table is perfect for all families that love their favorite team. This branded table has the logo of the team on the felt, and it has the logo and wording of the team name around the edge of the table. This table is a standard table with six pockets, and it has the old world wood etching around the outside that will make you feel like it came from another time. It is easy to use and maintain.

7. Wichita State Eight Foot Logo Table

Wichita State Eight Foot Logo Table

All graduates and fans of Wichita State can get this pool table for their parlor, and they will see the name of the university around the side as they survey the table. The logo of the school has been emblazoned on the table where you cannot help but miss it as you play. It has the old world feet adn snaking legs that reach the table top, and it comes with six pockets as standard. You can get these tables in many styles to support your favorite school or club.

6. Texas State Eight Foot Branded Pool Table

Texas State Eight Foot Branded Pool Table

The Texas State branded eight foot pool table is a way for you to show love to your favorite HBCU, and it ids a table that carries the colors of the school well. The felt has been darkened to the maroon that is in the logo, and the name of the school has been carved into the edge fo the tabletop. You get six pockets on this pool table, and it is the right height for any game of pool you want to start. The table was made in a lightweight style that makes it easier to move and adjust as you decorate the room.

5. University Of New Mexico Logo Pool Table

University Of New Mexico Logo Pool Table

The University of New Mexico pool table has that signature red that you see in all their uniforms and logo. You get the logo right in the middle of the table, and you can read New Mexico as it was carved into the wood around the table. You get a beautiful set of legs on the table that help it stand out, and it appears to be a normal table until you get close. You will also get some color from the felt because that adds to the design of the room.

4. Olhausen West End Pool Table

Olhausen West End Pool Table

The Olhausen West End pool table is a beautiful match of the grey teak of the body and the soft blue of the felt. This table is classic and fits into any classic design, and it will give you something nice to show off when you have people over to the house. The hard edges make it look modern as if it came from a mansion. You will feel like you have upgraded the room where it is housed, and it could become the centerpiece of your aesthetic.

3. Olhausen Hampton Eight Foot Table With Drawer

Olhausen Hampton Eight Foot Table With Drawer

The Olhausen Hampton eight foot pool table comes with a drawer for storage, and it has a soft cheery finish on the legs. You get the dark color on the bottom and the soft colors of the pool felt on top. You can stuff anything in the drawer you want, and it has the regal presence of a table that has been passed down through the generations. You will choose a table like this when you want it to be as appealing as possible.

2. Olhausen Breckinridge Pool Table

Olhausen Breckinridge Pool Table

The Olhausen Breckinridge pool table is a standard eight foot table that has a rustic base and green felt on top. You can even see the dovetail joints on the corner of the body. This is the kind of pool table you choose when you want the table to look simpler, and it is a little easier to move purely because it is not so heavy. You could choose this table because you want to get a normal pool table that people will instantly identify with.

1. Brunswick Danbury Pool Table

Brunswick Danbury Pool Table

You can get the Brunswick Danbury pool table with many colors of felt, and it has the classical legs and body that make the table look much older than it is. The fringe on the pockets helps you feel like you are playing in an old world tournament, and you can move this table easily because it has been made to light and easy to use. You are choosing this pool table because you everyone to think you have moved up in the world.