Top 10 Laguna Dust Collectors 2020 Reviews

Dust collection is very important in any woodwork shop. It not only keeps the shop clean and organized free of debris, woodwork chips, sawdust creating a pleasant healthy work environment. Dust collection is also critical to safety in the shop. While it may not pose an immediate risk, accumulation of dust in a shop can become a health or fire hazard over time, which makes having an effective, well-maintained dust collection system and schedule important in the daily running and maintenance of the shop.

If you are in the market for a dust collection system, whether you are a new shop owner, have a hobby or professional shop or looking to upgrade your current system. It is important to consider the best fit for your shop and needs. Here are 10 great dust collectors that deliver great results, are effective in many spaces, keep the shop cleaner and healthier to work and also reduce dust exposure.

10. The Mophorn 3HP Dust Collector

The Mophorn 3HP Dust Collector

This dust collector comes with 2300 CFM airflow capacity. It is powered by 110V and is a portable dust collector containing a 5-micron bag filtration. This dust collector is wall mountable and powers at 3 horsepower motor making it very powerful. It is loud also loud. It has a fan cooler that allows it to run for longer periods. This dust collector can be mounted to a wall or placed on the ground to suit the user’s preferences. It comes with assembly instructions.

9. Shop Fox W1823

Shop Fox W1823

It is a portable cyclone dust collector. This dust collector is powered by a 1-½ horsepower motor and needs 110/220V of electricity to function. It is able to generate 806 CFM air circulation with 10.4 inches of maximum static pressure. This dust collector uses a 20-gallon drum with casters that contain replaceable bag liners to easily collect and manage dust. It has a viewing window to allow the user to know when to clean and empty it at the right time. It also comes with a level and cable lid, that act as a raising mechanism to allow easy when emptying. Fox W1823 contains a 2.0-micron pleated filter and an internal cleaning paddle. It is built for heavy-duty work and is durable, easy to clean and empty. It also comes with a remote control operation.

8. Shop FOX W1727

Shop FOX W1727

This is a 1 HP dust collector with a 2.5-micron filtration system and 800 CFM air circulation. It works to keep the shop sawdust free and improve the level of air quality in the shop. This dust collector is portable and can be moved when needed. It has a safety switch that comes with a removable key for increased operational safety. It can easily be powered with an oversized paddle.
The filter collection bag stores up to 2.1 cubic feet of collected dust in a bag that can be quickly disconnected from the clamp. It contains two bags, one upper and another lower that receives the micron dust from the upper bag. The upper bag filters wood dust to 2.5 microns allowing the dust to fall into the lower bag.

7. Baileigh DC-600C

Baileigh DC-600C

It is a cyclone dust collector. It is a great fit for smaller shops with limited space. This dust collector is built to be dependable. It has a sturdy design and simple chassis that holds it together. This dust collector easy to use and this makes up for the lack of remote automation. It is quiet and runs at 68dB. It comes with a 1-micron filter, a rolling base with canister and a dual 4” inlet with quick lift barrel release. This dust collector contains a 20-gallon drum for effective collection and long use.

6. Morphon 1HP Dust Collector

Morphon 1HP Dust Collector

It is quiet to run and offers powerful suction with effective results. It comes quickly to assemble, with clear instructors on where parts, screws, and bolts fit. This MorPhon has a 1HP motor that uses 750W and uses a 110V single-phase voltage. It is designed to immediately draw wood dust from the saw resulting in the very little cleanup. It also comes with a 30-micron re-attachable bag for filtration. This dust collector contains a fan that allows it to run for long periods. It comes with an airflow of 537CFM, 3400RPM

5. Delta Power Equipment Corporation

Delta Power Equipment Corporation

This heavy-duty dust collector weighs 73 pounds. It is powered by a 1HP motor. It runs on 110V and is 14440 watts. This dust collector comes with a 1-micron filtration bag to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the shop. It is easy to assemble and comes with a 5-year warranty. It has a 1500 CFM for effective air circulation. This dust collector comes fitted with a 50-766 canister and a filter bag that is sewn in removing the need to cam-over-lock-systems.



It is a wall-mounted, dust collector. Its compact size makes it ideal for small professional shops as well as hobby shops. It is effective at extracting woodwork chips and collecting sawdust. This dust collector is mobile to allow its hassle-free use anywhere in the shop. It can be hung on the wall and comes with a 2.5-micron dust collector filter bag. It comes equipped with a 1horsepower motor, 120V and contains a motor with 240V speed. The micron bag is reusable and has a view window to track the dust level for disposal. It is compatible with its 4-inch inlet port, which allows it to be attached to any machine in use.

3. Baileigh DC-2100C

Baileigh DC-2100C

Is a cyclone dust collector that is easy to assemble and is relatively quiet at 73bD. It offers plenty of suction and allows the operation of two machines simultaneously. This dust collector powers at 3 Horsepower, using 220V. It has a 2111 CFM airflow capacity with a 1micron filter and a 63-gallon drum for sawdust. It uses radiofrequency remote control.

2. Laguna Tools CLFlux

Laguna Tools CLFlux

This Laguna Dust Collector is part of the CL Flux series of dust collectors. It sets a new standard for dust collectors. It has a horizontal chute that allows it to maximize airflow and improve CFM. The shape and size have been designed to optimize performance. It comes with a 1-micron canister that provides 99/97% filtration. It can be equipped with an auto-clean kit at any time, that allows it to sense the rise in static pressure and activate the cleaning mechanism. This dust collector is also designed for portability.

1. Laguna Tools MDCPF22201 PLFlux

Laguna Tools MDCPF22201 PLFlux

This laguna dust collector is a leading collector in its class. It comes with an LED screen to show when the drum is full and ready for disposal and cleaning. It is designed with swing-away doors that have inner acoustic foam lining that lower the noise. This dust collector has 1 Horsepower motor requiring 220V.