Top 8 Kids Mouth Guard 2020 Reviews

How often do your kids exercise? And what kind of sports do your kids like? Do you know that playing contact sports has a high rate of accidentally biting your own lips and damaging your own teeth? Not to mention that kids usually are more playful and less careful when it comes to playing. Thus, it is now time to protect your kids from any sport dental injuries. The protection here can be as simple as buying them a mouthguard. You do not have to spend much money on this as most of the mouthguards come in an affordable price tag. Meanwhile, you get to save yourself a considerable sum of money from fixing your kids’ teeth. Here, we will bring to you the eight best kid mouth guards currently trafficking in the market. However, if it is not enough yet, we also have another article on “children’s mouthguards for sports”.

Buying Guides of Kids Mouth Guard

Single vs Package: Depending on the frequency of your kids’ playing sports, you should decide between a single mouthguard or packaged mouthguards. If your kids play sport very often, you might consider buying the mouthguard in a package since it is more economical. And, although the mouthguard can be reused upon disinfection, we suggest you will not let your kids used one for too long.

Stylish and Ordinary: Depending on your kids’ preference and personality, you should decide between a stylish mouthguard or a regular mouthguard. Some kids are more drawn towards the stylish types because they love to stand out among the crowd. But some kids are more reserved and would like a simpler professional mouthguard.

8. Vanmor Sports Mouth Guard, 6 Pack Youth Mouthguard

Vanmor Sports Mouth Guard, 6 Pack Youth Mouthguard

We have the mouth guard for young adults from Vanmor. For this mouth guard, it arrives in a package of 6 pieces in different colors. You will also receive a case to store the mouthguard when you stop wearing it, especially during break or after sports games. This mouth guard is really convenient to use and very light. Your kids will find no difficulty wearing it. Amid the softness, it still has enough capacity to protect your tongue, teeth, and chin; and it this mouthguard from Vanmor will never hurt your gum or lips. The materials used in creating this mouthguard is solely EVA, tasteless, and harmless. It also as good tension and elasticity to provide you with sufficient soft proof and exceptional buffer performance in the long run.


  • 6 Different Pieces per Package
  • Protection for Tongue, Teeth, and Chin
  • EVA Materials for Good Tension and Elasticity

7. Champs Breathable Mouthguard from MMA

Champs Breathable Mouthguard from MMA

Next, we have the breathable mouthguard from MMA. If your hobbies involve extreme sports like boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc, you should not overlook this mouthguard. MMA created this mouthguard to fit quickly and correctly in any mouths, thanks to its next-generation gel that will adapt to your mouth. Not only that it fits easily, but it also provides vital protection and comfort to your mouth while doing sport. The outer layer of this mouthguard is really rigid so that it can help you take even the most vigorous blows. Just like its breathable name, this mouth guard has 3 central airflow holes to allow for maximum breathability amid extreme exercise. This one is simply an A+ performance for you.


  • Easy and Convenient Fit to any Mouths
  • Rigid Outer Layer for Better Protection
  • Maximum Breathability

6. MENOLY 5 Pack Youth Mouth Guard Sports Mouth Guard

MENOLY 5 Pack Youth Mouth Guard Sports Mouth Guard

For this recommendation, it is the mouth guards for sports from Menoly. These Menoly mouthguards are available in a set of 5 in different colorful textures. You also get a free case for easy storage of this mouthguard, especially during traveling and exercise breaks. Not to mention that you will get them in a pack of 5 under the price of one single MMA mouthguard mentioned in number Menoly mainly used EVA materials in creating the inner side of the mouthguard. It is non-toxic, safe, and tasteless; thus, you can rest assured that you will get ultimate comfort. This mouthguard also has a thicker layer compared to an average mouthguard. This is done to provide more shock and impact absorption in case of an accident.


  • 5 Different Pieces per Package
  • EVA Materials for Safety and Good Elasticity
  • Dual-Layer for More Mouth Protection

5. Loudmouth Sports Mouth Guard | 3D Vampire Fangs

Loudmouth Sports Mouth Guard | 3D Vampire Fangs

In the middle reviews, we have a sports mouthguard from Loudmouth. This mouthguard is one-of-a-kind for you. The 3D Vampire design of this mouthguard will indeed make you stand out in any competition. It will somehow scare your opponent a bit. In using his mouthguard, you can also customize it on your own to fit with your mouth. It can be simply done by boiling and biting, and you can re-boil as many times until it fits you perfectly. This customized fitting feature also allows for more breathability for you, so that you can intake more oxygen to enhance your performance and recovery back during fierce competition. With this mouthguard, you will indeed receive full mouth protection for your whole game.


  • Stunning and Fierce Design
  • Customized Fitting to any Mouth
  • Full Mouth Protection

4. BBTO 20 Pieces Sports Mouth Guards

BBTO 20 Pieces Sports Mouth Guards

Next is the BBTO mouth guard that comes in a massive package of 20 pieces. 20 pieces will just be more than enough for your kids to use for years to come. Not to mention that they will come in 20 different colors to help keep your kids entertained. For the materials, BBTO mainly used EVA material that is ultra-mouth friendly. There are zero toxins and zero taste for this mouthguard. You will not feel much burden wearing it. In terms of protection, the sports gear sheath of this mouthguard can provide a thick cushion base to absorb impact whole while redistributing the impact evenly. You can also adjust the size of the guard to any mouth by just trimming them based on your tooth arrangement and size.


  • 20 Different Pieces per Package
  • Eva Materials: Safety
  • Excellent Impact Absorption and Redistribution

3. kikillj Sport Mouth Guard

kikillj Sport Mouth Guard

With this mouthguard, your kids will have the ultimate protection for their teeth. Kikillj designed this mouthguard with much dedication to impact absorption and force distribution for your jaw, teeth, and gum. To help your kids fit more comfortably to the upper part of the guard comes with an opening design. Thus, you will find it easy to mold the guard to your teeth for enjoying maximum breathability. Eva material is once again the primary material for this mouthguard. It is perfectly safe to wear this Kikillj mouthguard in your mouth as there is also zero odors and edges. Besides, you also receive a beautiful case for storing the mouthguard and keeping it safe. As a bonus, there is a 30-day refund guarantee for you if you are not satisfied with this mouthguard.


  • Great Impact Absorption and Redistribution
  • Upper Opening Design for Breathability
  • EVA Materials: Safe and Secure
  • 30-Day Refund Warranty

2. Coolrunner Mouth Guard Sports, 10 Pack Athletic Mouth Guards

Coolrunner Mouth Guard Sports, 10 Pack Athletic Mouth Guards

Coming up to this Mouth Guard Sports, it has a 10-piece mouthguard package from Coolrunner. The 10 pieces of these mouthguards are all in transparent colors. It is the best choice for those who do not want to attract much unnecessary attention. It is also economical for you to purchase this mouthguard package from Coolrunner as it comes at a more affordable price compared to all products mentioned earlier amid its 10 pieces. The medical-grade material “Eva” is once again a substantial component of this mouthguard. It is really soft and moldable with zero color additives. You will also receive maximum protection from this mouthguard. It will help to evenly absorb the shock and distribute the force happening to your mouth. Besides, since this mouthguard is a one-size-fits-all, your children will have no difficulty customizing this it according to their teeth alignment and shape. And, this one from Coolrunner also has a 30-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.


  • 10 Difference Pieces per Package
  • EVA Materials: Safe and Secure
  • Maximum Mouth Protection
  • Self-Customization for Fitting

1. Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard w/Case

 Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard w/Case

For the last and best recommendation, we have a very beautiful and stylish mouthguard from Redline. Not only that the design of the mouthguard itself is beautiful, but the transparent mouthguard case is also extra stylish and protective. The case itself will protect your mouthguard from any bacteria, damage, and dirt. Besides, there is also a carabiner on the case so that you can carry it around much easier by just attaching it to your bag. Moving on, you can also customize this sports mouth wear to fit perfectly to your teeth by just boiling and biting it to have the perfect shape. The gel-line and dual-layer design of this mouthguard also have outstanding protection for your mouth. The EVA materials used in this mouthguard is also mouth-friendly and safe enough for you to keep in your mouth for long continuous hours. Redline designed this mouthguard in 6 different colors for you to choose from such as blue, grey, pink, white, yellow, red, and green. Additionally, Redline also offers you a 100% refund within 30 days.


  • Stylish Design
  • Protective Case and Carabiner
  • Self-Customization for Fitting
  • EVA Materials: Safe and Secure
  • Tough Mouth Protection


Coming down to the end of the list, have you picked the one you like the most yet? Do not hesitate much. Place an order now to protect you and your loved one from any sport-related dental accidents. It is simply a small investment for extensive protection. Enjoy your shopping!