Top 10 Howard Miller Clocks 2020 Reviews

There is a common saying that everything changes for the better with time, but this is not always true when it comes to aesthetic. There is a certain timeless appeal and tradition to a classic antique style, whether it be in the form or function. Many things will come and go from your life, but time itself is one of the only things that genuinely stays constant. Investing in a beautiful high-quality clock to display on your mantle, table, or wall can remain for many years, marking the time as you create many memories throughout your life. So in making your time special and memorable, I am disclosing my Top 10 Howard Miller Clocks.

10. Howard Miller Harmon II Clock

Howard Miller Harmon II Clock

This antique nickel metal finished clock with its spade hands also finished in aged nickel gives your home a vintage royal look. This 26.25” wide and 2.25” deep wall clock attracts you with its antiqued cobalt blue and black dial frame. Pendulum located and replacing number “6” at the clock is also finished in antique nickel giving this clock a complete antique look. Even the frame of a pendulum was made in finished in antique nickel to complete the theme. It runs on 2 AA sized batteries.

9. Howard Miller 635-113 Anthony Mantel Clock

Howard Miller 635-113 Anthony Mantel Clock

This Oak Yorkshire finished classic look mantel clock gives you the modern features also. You can control the volume or even shut the volume off of chimes automatically by its automatic nighttime options. It plays full Westminster or Ave Maria chimes to get your attention towards the time every hour. This clock made in selected hardwoods and veneers with an aged Arabic numerals dial. This clock gives a unique attraction to your room, and it runs on 2 C sized batteries.

8. Howard Miller Aaron Clock

Howard Miller Aaron Clock

This vertical rectangle-shaped clock takes 3 AA sized batteries to run and gives you automatic control of the volume of a single chime playing Westminster chime each hour. In a black-coffee color frame, this clock gives full visibility of a clock with a long-tailed pendulum inside the fitted, clean glass. Nickel finished glass frame, pendulum, and white dial boundaries giving the clock a contrasty look and get your attention to the Arabic style numerals to tell you the time. This 53 cm in height clock looks great on your walls.

7. Howard Miller 635-127 Sheldon Mantel Clock

Howard Miller 635-127 Sheldon Mantel Clock

Americana cherry finishing on selected hardwoods and veneers covering the off white dial with Arabic numerals gives it a unique contrasty look. 30 cm tall, 46 cm wide and 17 cm deep this clock runs on 2 C sized batteries. It plays full Westminster, or Ave Maria chimes with optional 4/4 chimes feature to stand out enough to be noticed towards the time each hour, and you can even control the volume with its automatic nighttime options to make your sleep quiet and calm. The shape of wood on the top gives it a crowned look.

6. Howard Miller 625-470 Joslin Wall Clock

Howard Miller 625-470 Joslin Wall Clock

This expensive 79 cm long clock, finished in Hampton Cherry on selected wood and veneers, gives you the very natural and pleasing sound of chimes every hour and plays full Westminster or Ave Maria chime and gives your home a royal touch. Antique brass-finished pendulum visible through the round-shaped convex glass fitted on the wooden frame tail of the clock. Black spade hands on an aged ivory dial give a clock eye-catching look. This battery-operated clock runs on 2 C sized batteries and gives you Volume control and automatic nighttime shut off.

5. Howard Miller Lincoln Clock

Howard Miller Lincoln Clock

With a solid aluminum-based case and silver finishing, this clock makes a handsome addition to any home with its attractive precious ornament type of aesthetic. This shiny clock has polished geometric edges that give the room where it’s displayed a very modern and fancy look. The face of this clock is adorned with a white dial supported by a polished silver-tone bezel and contemporary black roman numerals, all covered by crystal glass for perfectly clear viewing. The entire bottom of the base is covered in a protective felt to prevent damage and scratches from your desk, mantle, or other surfaces. This clock features a convenient alarm that runs on an AA battery.

4. Howard Miller 625-299 York Station Wall Clock

Howard Miller 625-299 York Station Wall Clock

This antique wrought iron Howard Miller clock gives a very classy look with its antique gold-finished Roman numerals and spade hands. This 3 ring lock with no glass and no wooden frame makes it very raw in style and uses the color of your wall to fill blanks inside the clock and makes it look like art on a wall. The company gives the warranty with some conditions to make this product reliable.

3. Howard Miller 613-102 Worthington Mantel Clock

Howard Miller 613-102 Worthington Mantel Clock

This USA based clock with an exclusive duel-ratchet winding arbor makes this clock safe in movement. Cream-colored Roman numeral on an off white dial matches the color of Oak Yorkshire finished body of the clock. Chimes of this clock give you a very pure and quality sound. Rare triangle olive ash burl overlays give a clock a unique look. It has a chime silence option to make your sleep free from any noise disturbance. It has a full plain base to make this product more stable and helps you to keep your table scratch less.

2. Howard Miller 630270 Park Avenue LMTD Edition Mantle Clock, Gloss Black

Howard Miller 630270 Park Avenue LMTD Edition Mantle Clock, Gloss Black

With a wooden frame of highly polished black piano finish offset by a chrome-plated brass face and interior, this striking mantle clock is sure to add a touch of class to your room décor. This Howard Miller design is a limited edition timepiece that has been painstakingly hand-rubbed to a high sheen and luster. It is a key-wound with a high-precision German-made Kieninger, triple chime movement. The average run time of the clock, once it is fully wound, is seven days. There are three choices of chimes. You can decide the chime that you enjoy the most, whether it is Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington. The chimes strike on the hour in full along with chimes at the ¼, ½, and ¾ hours. The chime has an automatic shut-off between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:15 am so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without being disturbed. The hands are a matching polished chrome with black inset detail and have a polished chrome bezel. The beautifully detailed faceplate is protected and encased in see-through acrylic, allowing the light to enter from multiple angles and reflect dramatically throughout all the polished chrome-plated brass pieces.

1. Howard Miller 625627 Squire

Howard Miller 625627 Squire

This aged dial background featured clock having the Arabic numerals even rugged form and its aged spade hands for hour and minutes complete the theme. What makes this clock different and unique is their separate track for running a small dark red hand separately. This 29” in diameter wall clock works with 2 AA sized batteries. The company gives a warranty on purchase from only authorized dealers. This clock in an antique piece with a simple formation to give the classic feel at affordable prices. Its heavily rugged and aged looks make this clock very special.