Top 8 Emu Oil For Piercings 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a good quality emu oil? If you have been looking for a good Emu Oil, you would understand the difficulties of having to research and look for the right one as there are so many types available. Emu oils are gaining a lot of attention especially because of the words and recommendations from those who have used it. Emu oils are commonly used to treat infected ear piercing or forward helix piercing healing which they have been very effective at.

To save you time, this article will provide you with important factors to consider when you are trying to buy a good emu oil for piercing. It will also guide you through the reviews of the top 8 best products with their benefits. But before that, let’s go through the short but easy buying guide.

Buying Guides Of Emu Oil For Piercings

When you are trying to look for a high-quality emu oil for piercing, there are TWO main things to consider when looking for a good emu oil for piercings.

Company Reputation & Certification: Look for emu oil from a trusted or well-known company with a good reputation. You should also look for the “AEA Certified Fully Refined” seal. This is the reassurance that a third party has tested the oil for purity. To be approved, the oil must come from registered batches and be refined in an AEA Certified emu oil refinery and bottled by an AEA Certified bottler.

Oil’s color/odor: High quality refined emu oil has no odor, is light in color, and is very bland to the taste. A dark yellow, red, or brown tint indicates a low-quality product or a poor refining process. Some brands use herbs or essential oils to cover up odors in lower quality oil, or they mix it with cheaper oils to reduce their price.

Now that you know the main features to consider when getting a good emu oil for piercing, let us dig through the reviews of the 8 best ones in the market right now and all the necessary information you need to make the right purchasing decision.

8. Montana Emu Ranch %100 Pure Emu Oil

Montana Emu Ranch %100 Pure Emu Oil

This Montana Emu Ranch provides high-quality emu Oil that is 100% pure. It is AEA Certified Grade A to ensure it is a deeply penetrating and moisturizing oil. It is non-comedogenic so it does not clog pores. This Montana Emu oil is very stable, without odor and it does not contain Gluten or Chemical Preservatives, Colors, and Fragrances. You can enjoy this high grade 2 oz pure Emu Oil with trust.


  • 100% Pure, Co. 2 oz Liquid
  • AEA Certified Grade A
  • Non-comedogenic, do not clog pores
  • very stable, without odor, and highly active
  • Made without Gluten, Chemical Preservatives

7. Heritage’s Pure Grade Ultra Emu Oil

Heritage’s Pure Grade Ultra Emu Oil

This is a grade-A certified oil from Heritage with premium quality. It is a natural and fully refined oil that passed the AEA certification. This also trademarked by Heritage for its rich relieving properties for skin issues, joint conditions, muscle, skin, and soft tissue inflammation. It is fragrance-free and it has no added chemicals. You can benefit a lot from this 10z fluid ounce pure Emu oil.


  • Grade-A Certified oil
  • Naturally & fully refined
  • AEA certification, Trademarked
  • Relieving properties for skin issues, joint conditions, and inflammation
  • Fragrance-Free

6. Dr Adorable Emu Oil 100% Pure

 Dr Adorable Emu Oil 100% Pure

This Dr. Adorable Emu Oil features 100% Pure Organic Moisturizing Oil. It is a natural refined fresh oil from Australia. This is of standard quality with positive results and reviews from customers. It helps you with skin growth especially for piecing or stretch marks. You can enjoy this fully refined oil in a 2 oz Glass Amber Bottle with Glass Dropper for the easy application on your face or ears.


  • 100% Pure Organic
  • Moisturizing Oil For Skin Growth
  • Standard quality, fully refined
  • 2 oz Glass Amber Bottle with Glass Dropper
  • Country of origin: Australia

5. Emu Oil by Artizen (4oz)

 Emu Oil by Artizen (4oz)

This is premium skin healer Emu Oil by Artizen that comes in a huge 40z bottle. This is ideal if you are looking for a larger quantity of pure emu oil. It is a concentrated and fully refined oil. It is tested by experts and the package ensures its long-lasting shelf life. The product comes with high-quality bottles infused with a UV colored coating to protect essential oils against sunlight and degradation. It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Huge 40s bottle
  • Ideal for large quantity amount
  • Concentrated refined Emu oil
  • Lab Tested, lifetime warranty
  • High-quality UV colored bottle.

4. PURE EMU Emu Oil


This is the ultimate moisturizing oil made from PURE! They are fully refined emu oil for complete hydration and healing. They are lightweight and can be easily absorbed for quick application and fast healing. Pure’s Emu is formulated to deliver incredible moisture without leaving a sticky residue. There is no need to rinse or wait to dry. Apply directly to skin, hair, or nails for silky satisfaction. They have no chemical added and no enhanced fragrance.


  • Lightweight and easy absorption
  • Quick application
  • No sticky residue
  • No chemical, no fragrance
  • Rich moisture

3. Emu Oil by Mayan’s Secret

 Emu Oil by Mayan's Secret

This 100% pure Emu oil by Mayan’s Secret relieves pain and speeds up wound and scar healing such as cuts and piercings. They have absorbed quickly into your skin and has a long-lasting anti-inflammatory effect. It is a natural treatment with highly essential fatty acids containing Omega 3, 6, and 9 along with linolenic acid and oleic acid for healing effects. This has come in a 4 oz dark amber glass bottle for long shelf life. It has no GMO, fillers, and fragrances.


  • Relieves pain, speeds up the healing
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Non-GMO, no parabens, no fragrance
  • Money-back guarantee

2. InstaNatural – 4 oz Emu Oil

InstaNatural - 4 oz Emu Oil

This is the hydrating Emu Oil from InstaNatural. It offers organic relief for skin irritation and wounds. It works wonders on dry skin for both men and women. Emu Oil has been proven to reduce pain and help your wounds heal faster. This organic oil can also be used for general joint pain, easing sore or aching muscles. It is a standard tested Emu oil that comes in a long shelf life bottle.


  • Organic relief for skin irritation
  • Works on dry skin
  • Reduce pain, heal wound faster
  • Used for general joint pain and sore
  • Longer shelf life bottle

1. Y-Not Natural – Organic Pharmaceutical 100% Pure Emu Oil 200ml

Y-Not Natural - Organic Pharmaceutical 100% Pure Emu Oil 200ml

This is another Australian emu oil on this list but this product is from Y-No Natural. This natural and organic pharmaceutical pure Emu oil penetrates deeper into your skin for soothing and regenerating effect. It is ultra-purified in a hospital-grade facility for relieving and quick healing wounds such as cuts, piercing, and skin irritation. To ensure your safety, it does not have any added chemicals and added fragrance. It is also odorless with a patented method that removes normal oil odor. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Pure Australian emu oil
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Penetrates deeper into your skin
  • Relieves pain on wounds such as cut and piercing
  • No added chemicals, odorless
  • Lifetime guarantee


And these are all the reviews of the 8 emu oil for piercings available right now. After reading this article, we hope you are ready to go look for the best one for yourself when you need to get a piercing. Remember to consider company reputation and proper certification, and its color or order to get a really high-quality one!