Top 8 Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks 2020 Reviews

Cuckoo clocks are versatile indoor accessories that play numerous roles. For the working class and parents that like keeping track of time, for instance, they are excellent accessories. The clocks most models come with are super accurate. The cuckoos that all brands come with are also loud and designed to deliver hourly notifications that most individuals appreciate. Cuckoo clocks are also excellent centerpieces in homes. Their intricate yet stylish designs blend well with both contemporary and traditional décor to improve the outlook of homes. Quality is important, however. Any random clock you come across might not be the best for your home.

8. August Schwer Cuckoo Clock

August Schwer Cuckoo Clock

August Schwer is a well-designed Cuckoo clock with an appealing REGULA movement that users appreciate. Manufactured in Germany it is durable and has a feature-rich design that works excellently in homes. The night shutoff feature offered (lever-based), for instance, enables individuals to rest peacefully at night. Its walnut wooden dial is appealing, while the wooden bird and wooden birds offered are both durable and aesthetic. Hand-painted, August Schwer Cuckoo Clock has a charming outlook that blends well in homes. It also has a legitimate certificate of authenticity and a two-year warranty that covers its parts and defects.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Appealing REGULA movement
  • Stylish wooden birds and hands
  • Night shut-off feature

7. Cuckoo-Palace German Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Palace German Cuckoo Clock

Measuring 13-1/3 inches high, Cuckoo-Palace is a decently sized German Cuckoo clock with a classic summer meadow theme. 100% authentic, this one of a kind clock blends well indoors. It is also durable and has an advanced 8-day mechanical clock that is both accurate and easy to use. You do not have to squint to review time, as smaller comparable models often require. Even with its impeccable style and quality of construction, Cuckoo-Palace German Cuckoo Clock is affordable. Its bird is loud and stylish, while the two-year warranty offered for mirrors its quality.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Stylish German-made design
  • 8-day mechanical clock
  • Convenient 13-1/3-inch design
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Distinct Cuckoo calls

6. Heidelberg Swiss Chalet Cuckoo Clock

Heidelberg Swiss Chalet Cuckoo Clock

With Heidelberg Swiss, you get an authentic German-made cuckoo clock with a feature-rich 18.25×12.5×5.75-inch design. Battery-operated, for instance, you do not have to worry about electrical connections to get it to work. You can also install in in most areas of your home effortlessly and without compromising its value. The quartz clock offered is super accurate. The dancing figurines (four) integrated into its design are charming, while its night shutoff and volume control enhance its convenience. You do not have to worry about it waking you up in the middle of the night or impairing your kid’s sleep.


  • Volume and night shutoff controls
  • Authentic German-made design
  • Battery-operated system
  • Charming figurines

5. Trenkle Uhren Quartz Cuckoo Clock

Trenkle Uhren Quartz Cuckoo Clock

This wooden quart Cuckoo clock from Trenkle Uhren is a reputable household accessory with an authentic black forest design. Forget about the imitations that some individuals waste money on. With an original, you get a quality battery-powered accessory with a moving wheel and wood chopper. It also has music and an accurate clock that you can review easily without straining. Measuring 12/10 inches (height/width), Trenkle Uhren Quartz Cuckoo Clock has a large and stylish design that doubles as an excellent centerpiece. Calls are sweet and echoed, while the two-year warranty offered for it covers all defects.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Sweet echoed calls
  • Convenient 12/10 inch design
  • Accurate battery-powered clock
  • Authentic black forest theme

4. Mygermanstore Traditional Cuckoo Clock

Mygermanstore Traditional Cuckoo Clock

Recommended for use in living areas and kitchens, Mygermanstore is a novel clock with a charming traditional theme that users like. Fully loaded with a clock and dancers, its style is appealing. The 12 melodies offered are loud and welcoming, while its smooth quartz movement is also quiet and accurate. Whether you are shopping for a centerpiece or an everyday clock, therefore, expect the best from this product. It is spacious (14 x 12-inches), battery-powered, and has a two-year global warranty.


  • Two-year global warranty
  • Portable battery-powered system
  • Accurate clock
  • 12 immersive melodies
  • Smooth quartz movement
  • Onate and meticulously detailed design

3. Hekas ISDD Cuckoo Clock

Hekas ISDD Cuckoo Clock

Hekas ISDD is a black forest cuckoo clock measuring 13 inches. Its mechanized REGULA movement is appealing. Its tall chalet-style design blends well in homes, while its manual shutoff feature comes in handy at night. Once set, you mute all sounds without impairing the performance of its clock. Backed by a two-year warranty, this handpainted cuckoo clock has premium wooden components including a bird, hands, and dials.


  • Aesthetic wooden components
  • Two-year warranty
  • Mechanized REGULA movement
  • 13-inch design

2. Kendal Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock

Kendal is a durable cuckoo clock, handcrafted using solid linden wood. Its decorative design blends well indoors. Time is accurate, while its adjustable volume (shut off, low and high) enables users to customize its performance on demand. When you are sleeping or have guests around, for instance, you can mute its sound to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Kendal is battery-operated, 10.24-inches high, and has a night off sensor that triggers automatically. It also has a warranty (one year) that covers all its components.


  • One-year warranty
  • Automated night-off sensor
  • Convenient 10.24-inch design
  • Adjustable volume
  • Decorative handcrafted design

1. Kendal Vivid Large Deer

Kendal Vivid Large Deer

With Kendal Vivid, you get a large deer-themed cuckoo clock with music and four charming dancers. Handcrafted using solid wood, its durability is admirable. Details are clear and eye-catching, while its singing bird pops out every hour to remind you of time. As most Kendal products, you get an adjustable volume, a battery-powered clock, and a night shutoff sensor (automated) that works well.


  • Charming handcrafted details
  • Solid wood construction
  • Automated night shutoff sensor
  • Well-crafted dancers (four)
  • Convenient battery-powered system