Top 8 Best Tanning Bed Lotions 2020 Reviews

If you are shopping for tanning bed lotions, quality is essential. What are its ingredients, for instance? What are other user’s views about its safety? Before you buy and use a product in this niche, answer the foregoing two questions. They will save you the frustrations and or health issues some individuals grapple with because of low-quality products. You should also check the effectiveness of your tanning lotion of choice before buying. Is it suitable for your skin type, for instance? How many times do you have to apply it to maintain an appealing skin luster? To get the facts about your product of choice and weigh its suitability before purchasing, research well.

8. Just Natural Products Tanning Indoor Lotion

Just Natural Products Tanning Indoor Lotion

In the past, individuals had to pay hefty amounts to professionals to get their bodies tanned. Fortunately, with cheap professional-grade lotions now available in stores, you can tan on demand at home with minimal effort. Among the most recommended in this niche, the old standard formula offered nourishes the skin well to induce a healthy and youthful glow. Tans are appealing and long lasting, while the avocado, hazelnut, and Kokum butter extracts blended into its formula moisturize the skin well. Forget about the dry feeling some individuals have with low quality tanning lotions. Just Natural Products is unisex, easy to apply, and most importantly, tanning bed safe.


  • Tanning bed safe
  • Long lasting tan
  • Safe for everyday use
  • Moisturizes the skin well
  • Conditions and retains the youth of skin

7. Art Naturals Protective Body Tanning Oil / Lotion

Art Naturals Protective Body Tanning Oil Lotion

Retailing in a large 10-ounce container, Art Naturals is an affordable spray serum lotion, made in the USA. Its quality is desirable. Its performance, on the other hand, is top notch on most skin types. Blended using multiple botanical oils, for instance, its moisturizing formula keeps the skin smooth and well hydrated after use. It also has nutritive benefits and a fast absorbing consistency that shortens tanning time. If you like the outdoors, this cruelty and paraben-free lotion has sea algae and green tea extracts that fight free radicals. Apart from toning and tightening your skin, it will protect you from sunburns and melanomas to a certain degree.


  • Fight free radicals
  • Easy to use
  • Tones and tightens the skin
  • Paraben and cruelty-free
  • Large 10-ounce container
  • Sweet smelling formula

6. Millennium Tanning Products Black & Tan

Millennium Tanning Products Black &amp Tan

Featuring an auto-darkening tanning technology, Black & Tan from Millennium Tanning Products delivers quick and lasting results. Retailing in a large 13.5-ounce bottle, it supports many tanning sessions. The tantalizing silicon and warming energy beads infused into its formula boost its effectiveness, while its affordability is desirable. Instead of paying hefty amounts for professional tanning, buy yours for the best experience. It is easy to use. You do not even need a tanning bed to use it well. This bronzer also moisturizes the skin well, leaving it looking young and rejuvenated all day.


  • Potent moisturizer
  • Fast and lasting results
  • Large 13.5-ounce bottle
  • Auto darkening technology
  • 100% safe for everyday use

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5. Australian Gold Sinfully Black

Australian Gold Sinfully Black

Are you a fan of dark tans? To achieve your desired look without spending large sums of money, buying Australian Gold Sinfully Black is ideal. Featuring a deep and dark 15x bronzing and tanning formula, it works well on all skin types. Results are fast and long lasting, while its soothing berry fragrance is soothing. It does not overbear users as some comparable brands. This 8.5-ounce accessory also has vitamins and a natural moisturizer, hemp seed oil, which leaves the smooth soft and young looking.


  • Moisturizing ingredients
  • Portable 8.5-ounce container
  • Fast and lasting results
  • Deep and dark (15x) formula
  • For both bronzing and tanning

4. Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN

Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN

Featuring a charming cheeky brown formula consisting of natural ingredients, Australian Gold tanning lotion is popular among millions globally. Now attainable with a bronzer, you get a professional-grade day-to-day accessory in a portable 8.5-ounce container. If skin health is a major concern, this product will never let you down. It is 100% natural. It is also vitamin-rich (E and A) and has native Australian oils that guarantee safe and maximum tanning results. Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN has a soothing cocoa dreams fragrance and a stable formula that works well outdoors and indoors.


  • Yummy cocoa dreams fragrance
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Vitamin-rich (E and A)
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe and maximum tanning results

3. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

Coconut Kisses from Ed Hardy is a sweet-smelling tanning lotion with a charming golden theme that individuals like. Retailing in a 13.5-ounce container, it is long lasting. Its coconut oil and coconut milk supplemented formula moisturizes the skin well, while its tanning intensifiers deliver a darker tan. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses has melanobronze and quad-tyrosine ingredients that boost melanin formation. It also has a melactiva-melanin synthesizer that enhances its longevity.


  • Richer and darker theme
  • Sweet smelling formula
  • Promotes melanin production
  • Long lasting

2. Millenium Tanning New Paint It

Millenium Tanning New Paint It

Millenium Tanning New Paint It is a popular auto darkening tanning lotion for women. Blended to color the skin up to 50 times darker, it is among the best products in this niche. It is also affordable, with the 13.5-ounce container offered able to support several tanning sessions. Buyers also appreciate its soothing cotton blossom fragrance, silky soft silicone emulsion blend, and skin-moisturizing ability.


  • Smooth silicone emulsion formula
  • Superior skin moisturizing ability
  • Soothing cotton blossom fragrance
  • Auto-darkening tan

1. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black

As other Millenium tanning products, this new solid black edition is a smooth deep tanning bronzer (100x) with auto-darkening technology. You do not have to spend hours under a UV bed to achieve your desired results. Weighing 13.5 ounces, it is also long lasting. You will not run out of lotion soon, even if you tan every day. Apart from its advanced tanning technology and cost effectiveness, this lotion’s sweet orchid blush fragrance is a major draw. You do not have to smell like a horse to achieve your desired tan.


  • Sweet orchid-blush fragrance
  • Auto darkening technology
  • Deep tanning formula (100X)