Top 8 Best Table Tennis Paddles 2020 Reviews

Table tennis paddles are the most important piece of equipment for any table tennis enthusiast or professional. Different paddles offer distinct features and benefits that can make a noticeable difference in the hands of any player. With so many table tennis paddles on the market today, knowing which ones are the best reviewed can be a huge help in deciding what exactly to purchase. Here are the top reviewed best table tennis paddles reviews.

8. Butterfly 603 Table Tennis Racket Set

Butterfly 603 Table Tennis Racket Set

This table tennis paddle is of professional quality and is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. The set comes with one paddle, a protective case, and a gift-box. The the contact surface rubber is red on the forehand side and black on the backhand side, both sides have a spongy layer which gives the paddle a springy and tacky feel.


  • Made of a wooden blade.
  • Wakaba 2.1mm rubber on both sides.
  • Has performance rankings of 82 spin, 90 speed, and 85 control.
  • Utilizes the traditional shakehand style and flared grip that is wider at the bottom.
  • The paddle comes with a 30 day manufacturer warranty.

7. Sport Gamer Pro JT-700

Sport Gamer Pro JT-700

The JT-700 table tennis paddle by Sport Gamer Pro is stylish and offers great feel and play. This paddle is targeted towards players that enjoy a speedy game as this paddle performs best in a fast ball speed game. The paddle offers a dove-dale design which eliminates discomfort during gameplay. The JT-100 is geared towards enthusiasts and not professionals.


  • Composed of a 5-ply pure wooden structure.
  • Utilizes a 2mm sponge on both sides optimal for fast ball speed.
  • Comes with a durable protective carrying case.
  • Has performance ratings of 82 speed, 91 spin, and 79 control.
  • Each paddle is supplied with a 30-day warranty.

6. Idoraz Professional Table Tennis Paddle

Idoraz Professional Table Tennis Paddle

This paddle was made for table tennis enthusiasts who are trying to increase their skill level. It’s a stylish paddle with red rubber on one side and black on the other. The handle is painted matte black with an asymmetrical double orange-stripe which adds to the paddle’s style. This paddle was created to specifically improve a players back spin control.


  • Ships with a premium carrying case.
  • ITTF approved rubber which offers great spin capabilities.
  • A balanced frame which is ideal for enthusiasts and recreational players.
  • Comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Has performance ratings of 99 speed, 93 spin, and 90 control.

5. Killerspin Jet Black Ping Pong Racket Combo

Killerspin Jet Black Ping Pong Racket Combo

Killerspin created this paddle with style and intimidation in mind. The stealthy jet black-on-black design is sure to be an attention grabber and intimidate any opponent. The paddle offers a 5-ply structure making it lightweight and durable. The black handle with double yellow pinstripes adds to the overall exotic design of this paddle. Included is a sleek black carrying case with built-in elastic straps, the case is able to fit two paddles and includes 4 balls.


  • Equipped with Nitrx-4z rubbers which offer improved spin and control.
  • PVC tape is used along the perimeter of the paddle for added protection.
  • Features a flared wooden handle for better control and comfort.
  • Utilizes a thinner 1.8mm sponge which offers increased feel for the ball.

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4. Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

This Killerspin paddle is offered in three retro inspired colors and is shipped in a sleek white storage box. The paddle is available in lime, mocha, and navy blue rubbers with matching painted handles. Killerspin created this paddle with recreational players in mind who are looking to step-up their game. It’s design is optimal for learning and mastering basic strokes and control.


  • Constructed of 5 wooden layers topped with Killerspin’s “Jet Basic” rubbers.
  • The handle is constructed of wood and has a flared design for optimal comfort.
  • The storage box includes a personalized memory book perfect for writing scores, messages, or collecting signatures.

3. Jebor Professional Advanced Training Table Tennis Racket

Jebor Professional Advanced Training Table Tennis Racket

Jebor offers this paddle in either a 2-pack or 4-pack and with painted black handles or a classic exposed wood handle. Both designs offer a classic look with a matching carrying case. This paddle uses a slightly longer handle making it optimal for good defensive play. The paddle is built with a protective film on the rubbers that minimizes friction and dust collection.


  • Utilizes a 7-layered construction made of cottonwood which offers high-control and smooth hitting.
  • Has 2mm sponges which are optimal for speed and spin.
  • It is equipped with Jebor’s flexible edge protector, great for additional durability and longevity.

2. JP WinLock Ping Pong Paddle

JP WinLock Ping Pong Paddle

This set by JP WinLock is comprised of 4 premier quality paddles, eight professional game balls, and a carrying case. JP WinLock’s founder is a professional table tennis player and produces products fit for elite professionals. The paddles are black and red rubber-faced with a traditional exposed wood handle, the handle has a flared design for optimal comfort and control. Every component of this paddle is made of top quality ITTF approved equipment and is designed in the USA.


  • Each paddle is balanced for optimal speed, spin, and control.
  • These paddles feature a medium-soft sponge allowing greater feel for the ball.
  • The paddle’s perimeter is lined with JP WinLock’s advanced edge-tape for decreased wear and improved durability.
  • JP WinLock provides a 60-day satisfaction guarantee plus a 1-year free replacement warranty.

1. Abco Tech Table Tennis Ping Pong Set

Abco Tech Table Tennis Ping Pong Set

Abco Tech created these paddles with both recreational and professional players in mind. The set includes four paddles and 6 balls making it a perfect starter or on-the-go set. The paddles are made of a 5-ply wooden blade with a 5.6mm thickness making these a great all-around paddle. These paddles feature a classic design with black and red rubber-tops and a traditional wooden handle.


  • An ergonomic flared handle and grip ideal for comfort and control.
  • Comes with six 40mm table tennis balls, three orange and three white balls.
  • Ideal for players that excel at looping and defense.
  • Abco Tech offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these paddles.