Top 10 Best Night Guards For TMJ 2020 Reviews

Have you experienced any jaw pain, facial pain, headache? These issues may be the symptoms resulting from your temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ). In this respect, a mouth night guard can be your first-stage solution to dealing with this TMJ condition before seeking the expert’s help. TMJ is a jaw condition disorder resulted from the temporomandibular joint. It can either be a temporary and minor concern or a severe one that may disrupt your quality of life. This product can be purchased at the dental office or the available store.

Here are some of the best night guards for TMJ that you may want to go through with its features and benefits.

10. Denta-Pro 2000 Professional Dental Night Guard for TMJ

Denta-Pro 2000 Professional Dental Night Guard for TMJ

If you suffer from TMJ, teeth grinding, bruxism, headache, earache, and other facial pains daily, this product should definitely be in your shopping cart. Like how it was named, Denta-Pro 2000 is designed by a team of professional dentists to reduce the impact of TMJ may cause on your face and teeth. It is made of superior-quality silicone that is FDA approved for safety and quality. It is a universal-fit mouth guard made of flexible material to be compatible and comfortable for usage with different mouth shapes and teeth alignments.


  • Designed by a team of professional dentists
  • Superior-quality
  • FDA approved for safety and quality
  • Universal fit

9. Reazeal Health Professional Dental Night Guard for TMJ

Reazeal Health Professional Dental Night Guard for TMJ

Reazeal dental is highly versatile for a wide range of teeth alignments and sizes and mouth shapes. This design offers you optimal comfort as a dental protector, teeth whitening tray, and an athletic mouthguard. It is durable, soft, sanitized, odor-free, and taste-free with the polyvinyl material to guarantee the mouthguard stays clean, safe, and in good shape. On top of that, it is the collaboration by a team of dental professionals to deal with the TMJ and eliminate teeth clenching.


  • Highly versatile
  • Applicable for multiple purposes
  • Durable, soft, sanitized, odor-free, and taste-free
  • High-quality

8. OzDenta Dental Night Guard for TMJ

OzDenta Dental Night Guard for TMJ

OzDenta is the ideal brand for a TMJ mouth guard that is made from a moldable thermoplastic. A custom dental guard provides a secure-fitting with your mouth size and teeth alignment for optimal comfort. The incoming package includes 2 dental nightguards that are flexible for top and bottom teeth, molding instruction, and 1 storage case. Each of these products comes with a dental-grade material that can last up to 60 months or longer for daily use. Above all, it is a user-friendly product that causes you no discomfort when breathing, talking, eating, or drinking.


  • Provides a secure fitting with different mouth sizes and teeth alignments
  • Lasts up to 60 months or longer
  • User-friendly product
  • Offers maximum comfort

7. HONEYBULL Mouth Guard for TMJ

HONEYBULL Mouth Guard for TMJ

If you’re looking for a product to safeguard your teeth and protect against grinding teeth, toothache, TMJ, jaw pain, and more, this HONEYBULL mouth guard is definitely a catch. It is designed to literally be used by anyone who wants to protect their teeth from damage because of jaw-clenching issues, especially the TMJ disorder. For a comfortable fit, it is easy to mold and trims to be compatible with your teeth. It comes with a handy travel case to protect your mouthguard. Most important of all, it is BPA-free and has been tested to be safe for usage.


  • The perfect solution for the jaw-clenching issue
  • Easy to mold and trim
  • Protective travel case
  • BPA-free and tested to be safe for usage

6. Sparkling White Smiles Custom Dental Night Mouth Guard for TMJ Relief

Sparkling White Smiles Custom Dental Night Mouth Guard for TMJ Relief

Another best night guard for TMJ is one from the Sparkling White Smiles brand. Designed to fit with both the upper and lower teeth, this dental night guard contains no BPA, Latex, or Phthalates that are harmful to your well-being. Each of the products is hand-made with attention to ensure maximum comfort and quality. The constructed material is further of that with strong and durable premium quality and adds strength to the comfortability feature. Literally, this product really worth the value for money. You won’t definitely have any regret with its post-purchase satisfaction.


  • Fits both upper and lower teeth
  • Contains only acceptable and healthy substances
  • Offers maximum comfort and quality
  • Strong and durable
  • Value for money

5. Neomen Professional Dental Guard for TMJ relief

Neomen Professional Dental Guard for TMJ relief

Neomen professional dental guard for TMJ relief offers you a superior quality product that is FDA approved for safety and quality for users. The materials used to construct this dental guard is 100% safe and comfortable to use daily. Regardless of the age groups, this product can be used for younger kids or adults who suffer from TMJ disorder. Coming with moldable material, the Neomen night guard guarantees to accommodate any mouth size. It also serves other purposes aside from the TMJ relief, including a teeth whitening tray or an athletic mouthguard.


  • Superior-quality product
  • FDA approved for safety and quality
  • Comfortable to use
  • Any age groups can use it
  • Accommodates any mouth size
  • Serves multiple purposes
  • 30-day full refund

4. Oxygen Swiss Lab Pro Mouldable Dental Guard

Oxygen Swiss Lab Pro Mouldable Dental Guard

This Oxygen Swiss Lab Pro is a great solution for those who suffer from TMJ or bruxism. You can enjoy a sound sleep with this product as it is designed to reduce the tension resulting from teeth grinding or jaw-clenching. Put, it can minimize the possibility of symptoms caused by TMJ, including headache, earache, or facial pain. The set includes 4 clear dental mouth guards in 2 different sizes – 2 for adults and 2 for kids. In terms of design and structure, this TMJ relief night guard is made from top-quality silicone-free toxic substances and safe for usage. To be more convincing, it is BPA-free and dentists approved, so you can rest assured while using this product.


  • A great solution for TMJ
  • Top-quality constructed material
  • Free of toxic substances and safe usage
  • BPA-free and dentist-approved

3. Reejoys Mouth Guard for TMJ Relief

Reejoys Mouth Guard for TMJ Relief

Look no more for the best mouthguard for TMJ when you have this Reejoys mouthguard right in front of you. It offers excellent TMJ relief for both the person who suffers from this disorder and their beloved ones and improves their sleeping quality. Not only will it be the perfect TMJ relief product, but it will also be functional for other purposes such as a tooth whitening tray or the athletic mouth guard to safeguard your teeth from any sport-related impacts. Not to mention, it is customized to fit all teeth alignments and mouth sizes, making it an extremely versatile product.


  • Excellent TMJ relief mouth guard
  • Improves sleeping quality
  • Multi-functional product
  • Customized to fit all teeth alignment and mouth sizes

2. Pearl Enterprises Night Guard for TMJ

Pearl Enterprises Night Guard for TMJ

TMJ disorder can cause several setbacks that may disrupt your living routine. To cope with such concern, this Pearl Enterprises nightguard will be of huge help. It is professionally designed by a team of dental experts to challenge the issues of TMJ, teeth grinding, and more, which may result in negative impacts on your natural teeth and facial structure. It is further an economical product, as you won’t be just using it for TMJ relief and other purposes like the sport-guard or teeth whitening tray. For optimal comfort and safety, this mouthpiece is approved by the experts and consists of top-quality silicone.


  • A great option for TMJ, teeth grinding issues
  • Economical product – multi-functional
  • Optimal comfort and safety

1. Alayna Night Guard for TMJ

Alayna Night Guard for TMJ

This TMJ mouthpiece by Alayna is specifically designed to help those who suffer from TMJ, teeth grinding, bruxism, and jaw-clenching issues. It is a versatile product that really worth the purchase. Why? Because it is customized to fit the needs of those people with different mouth sizes. Finding the right mouthguard is pretty easy as it comes in a universal fit. Aside from TMJ’s solution, it can also use as a teeth whitening tray and sports-mouth guard. Besides, coming with the supreme quality of silicone materials and being BPA and Latex-free, this night guard will bring no harm to your overall body and offers you maximum comfort and safety.


  • A worthwhile product
  • High versatility – multi-functional
  • Universal fit
  • Offers maximum comfort and safety

Night Guard for TMJ Buying Guides

What are the Features to Consider When Buying Night Guards for TMJ?

There are some key features to consider to get the best night guard for TMJ for yourself.

Molded or one-size-fits-all: If your TMJ disorder’s condition is quite severe, it is recommended to get a moldable night guard rather than a one-size-fits-all one. This type is proven to be more effective.

Impressions: If the seller requires the dental impression, there are two things that you shall consider – the costs and the timeline of mailing and arrival. Check if the cost fits into your budget reserve and makes sense and whether the mailing duration is quite extended.

Trimmable: Different mouthpiece comes in different features and sizes. Check if the model you’re going to purchase is trimmable for a better fit.

Materials: Look for the night guard that consists of superior-quality material construction. Since the product itself is inserted into your mouth, it can essentially bring harm to you in various ways. Look for one that is quality and safety-approved by the experts.

What are the Types of Night Guards for TMJ?

Generally, there are 3 types of night guards for TMJ that are detailed as follow:

Custom Impression: This type of dental mouthpiece is created using the patient’s mouth’s detailed impression as the guide. Most products of this type can be purchased and customized with the customers sending their dental impression to the manufacturing company through the mail. However, there is an exception for the prescription mouthguard where it requires a dental visit. This type of mouthguard is most likely to receive the customers’ best responses, for it follows specific designs but is quite costly.

Boil-and-Bite: This type of night guard uses similar technology as that of the athletic mouthpiece. The material construction for this product is from thermoplastic material. The process to build this mouthpiece is to soften it in the boiled water and let the end-user takes a bite to form a customized impression. Though boil-and-bite mouthguards are not as classy as those of dental-customized ones, they are rather much cheaper.

Stock: Quite distinct from the previous two types, this stock mouthpiece doesn’t use the customize impression. Rather, it is more of a one-size-fits-all product. In terms of market price, this type is a little expensive and receives a mix of customer reviews.

Generally speaking, mouth guards are generally designed for either the upper or the lower part of your teeth. However, it is never both. But if it’s the dental expert’s recommendation, you should be wearing the two guards together. Whenever they are not in use, they should be kept clean for your next use. A careless mistake can bring serious harm to you in some ways. This product is commonly free of BPAs, latex, and other potentially harmful materials. However, for reassurance, you shall check thoroughly before making the purchase. You shall also bear other considerations to get the best product, including molded or one-size-fits-all, impressions, trimmable, and materials. Happy Shopping!