Top 8 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions Reviews 2020

Are you looking for an indoor tanning lotion? Worry not for we have the perfect solution for your needs. For special events, you will always need a refreshing look to ensure that you look stunning to every person in these events. Tanning lotions were developed to counter the tanning by the sun after tanning is completed. They are always suitable for your skin, and you will have no issues on using these tanning lotions.

8. Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds

Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds

Enjoy the luxurious and enjoyable experience with the use of this tanning lotion. This will make your skin feel smooth as well as become more soft by its moistening characteristic. Its popularity has grown over time in its use in providing best tanning results in all types of skin. With this tanning lotion, the look is maintained for an extended period of time which assures you of having a full day with nothing to worry. Some of the features to enjoy the use of tanning lotion are described as below.


  • This lotion is made with a technology that is shower proof hence preventing the running off of ingredients from your skin. In addition to this, it will work within a few minutes and thus become very useful.
  • Appropriate hydration to keep your skin soft and smooth.
  • It resists fading as well as provides protection to your tattoo thus making it long-lasting.
  • Universally usable for different locations and contains a unisex scent suitable for you.
  • Has a guaranteed service with full money back guarantee.

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7. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz

As its name suggests, this tanning lotion is made from the coconut oil and milk as one of its ingredients. Coconut kisses will work even while away from the salon as it is a long-lasting tanning lotion for you. Below are some of its wonderful features you will meet with the use of this lotion.


  • Contains Melactive which is a Melanin synthesizer to ensure that your skin looks darker and ensures that the results are long-lasting.
  • Firmness is promoted while at the same time it reduces the cellulite appearance which on a summation leads to the fitting on your body.
  • The tanning process is increased by the presence of MelanoBronze and Quad Tyrosine Brend.

6. Tan Asz U LUAU 200X Island Black Bronzer

Tan Asz U LUAU 200X Island Black Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

Growing popularity of the Luau Island Black Bronzer has made it one of the best in the year You cannot miss out on it for ensuring that your skin is always glowing. Have the best for your skin. Check out below to know some of its amazing features which have made it be one of the best for your choice.


  • A paradise dark color is achieved with the use of this tanning lotion a level that you will not receive from most indoor tanning lotions.
  • Ensures that your skin has a long-lasting glow and softness as it contains max silicone cocktail.
  • Includes an Awapuhi Peach Smoothie fragrance which is impressive.
  • It uses Marula Oil which is skin friendly with no illnesses to be expected from its use.

5. Somewhere on a Beach, Indoor Outdoor

Somewhere on a Beach, Indoor Outdoor, Instant Dark Tanning Lotion 12.25 Ounce

Have great tanning on your skin with Somewhere on a Beach by letting your skin glow even in different heat intensities as well as water showers. It has been loved by many customers for its high-quality, evidenced by its features as below.


  • It is a DHA free bronzer which provides prevents any stains in its results.
  • Made of an anti-aging peptide which is essential in the reduction of the wrinkles and fine line lines on your face.
  • Made of coconut and Walnut oils providing optimal hydration results.
  • Multi used for both indoor and outdoor.

4. Australian Gold DARK TANNING ACCELERATOR Lotion

Australian Gold DARK TANNING ACCELERATOR Lotion 8.5 oz

Are you looking for a deep dark tan on your skin? Australian Gold will be the best option for you with its striking features which enable you to enjoy its use. Become confident in all that you do with it.


  • Contains Vitamins A and E which are essential for your skin health.
  • Has a wonderful fragrance of the classic Australian Gold Cocoa.
  • Fantastic and long-lasting results which have made it be one of the best-selling in the tanning industry.

3. Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion

Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion 12 oz.

Get your ultimate solution for your skin with the use of Devoted Creations which features what you actually need. It comes with a bunch of benefits making it one of the best.


  • Has a sweet black lotus fragrance to suit your confidence.
  • Contains ingredients which counter aging look.
  • The skin pigment correctors and antioxidants are essential for the health and glowing of your skin.
  • The adequate firmness of the skin is making it body fit.
  • The dark color is enabled without the inclusion of bronzing ages.

2. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion, 100x, 13.5-Ounce

Lying in the second position is a clear indication of its quality and beautiful results. Enjoy turning with Millenium from its features.


  • Consist of an Orchid Blush fragrance.
  • Fitted in a 400ml 13.5 ounce large enough for what you need.
  • A combination of extreme and powerful bronzers and moisturizers are responsible for the immediate darkness of your tan.
  • Made of a silky and smooth emulsion silicone formula

1. Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X,13.5 Oz

Get this unique tanning lotion which has glorious results which lead to the right darkening and glowing of your skin. It is characterized by the following amazing features.


  • Extreme dark tanning results from the 50 times auto-darkening tan technology.
  • Contains Silicone Emulsion Blend which ensures that you have smooth and soft skin.
  • A fresh cotton blossom fragrance that making tanning fun to you.
  • Optimized dark tan color with addition of moisturization which is long-lasting.