Top 8 Best Crossbows For Deer Hunting 2020 Reviews

The best crossbows for deer hunting are simple to use, and they have more than enough power to take down an animal. The crossbows that you purchase can be used in any place that you prefer, and you must choose the bow that you believe will give yo the best chance of shooting, and you also have to be sure that you have found some different bows that might help you in different hunting scenarios.

8. SAS Troy 370

SAS Troy 370

The SAS Troy has 185 pounds of draw weight, and it has an adjustable frame that you can move to suit your needs. This crossbow is about three feet long, and it comes with six carbo arrows that you can use. This means that you can use the crossbow for fast shots, and the arrows are made to work with this crossbow specifically.​​​​ There are many people who will find that they can use the crossbow to save their time, to hit their animals correctly the first time, and it makes things easier for you as the hunter. This is a compact device anyone can use.

7. XGear 160 Crossbow

XGear 160 Crossbow

The XGear gives you 160 pounds of draw weight, and it is a yard long. There are a lot of people who will need to use this particular crossbow because it provides a moderate amount of weight for most shots.
The strap that holds up the crossbow over your back, and you can use this crossbow with the camo design. The camo design keeps you hidden in the woods, and it allows you to keep arrows attached the frame so that you can move quickly through the woods. This traditional design is a lot easier to use than some of the more advanced devices on the market.

6. Wicked Ridge Ten Points Crossbow

Wicked Ridge Ten Points Crossbow

The three arrow quiver and 155 pounds of draw weight are more than enough for you to have an easy time shooting in the woods. Someone who wants to go hunting has to have a look at the Wicked Ridge because they also get a compact device that is only three feet long. You can handle this device more easily, and it has been made with a semi-camp design that is very easy to hide in the woods. You can move quietly, and you can get the jump on all your prey. You can also use this bow when you want to have less power than normal.

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5. 150 Pound Crossbow With Two Arrows

150 Pound Crossbow With Two Arrows

The 150 pound crossbow with two arrows is one of the better things for you to use when you want to take simple practice shots, or it could be your lightweight crossbow that does not give you Must trouble in the woods. Be certain that you have purchased this crossbow when you want a very traditional weapon. The two arrows that you get with this set are very simple for you to use because they are meant to slide through the crossbow mechanism. They are just the right size for someone who is trying to learn to hunt or does not want to be weighed down.

4. Ravin Crossbow With Soft Case

Ravin Crossbow With Soft Case

The Ravin Crossbow is a wonderful device because you can shoot it easily, use it in any setting that you want, and it folds back into the case with no trouble. You also get to carry this crossbow anywhere because of how it was designed to fold and travel in the case. The Ravin is very easy to use because it was designed with a sleek frame that will fire with just the right amount of weight and a sleek arrow.

3. Barnett Tactical Crossbow With Two Arrows


The anti-dry trigger system and the light frame makes it simpler for you to fire when you are on the hunt. The integrated cocking device makes this crossbow easier to ready when you are planning on firing, and you also get to have the best accuracy because this frame is already assembled when you buy the crossbow. The Barnett brand is one of the best in the industry, and you also get to have a compact frame that anyone could enjoy.

2. Kings Archery Self Cocking Pistol

Kings Archery Self Cocking Pistol

The Kings Archery pistol has 60 pounds of weight that will make firing the smaller arrows much more powerful than you think. You can take this crossbow on the hunt when you want something that is easier to carry, and you should use this pistol when you do not want to be weighed down by a much larger device. The colored arrows are easy to see after you have fired them, and you can always track your shooting when you are in a place where arrows get lost easily.

1. Prophecy 80 Pound Self Cocking Pistol

Prophecy 80 Pound Self Cocking Pistol

The Prophecy 80 pound self cocking pistol is one of the best things to use when you are not comfortable using a much larger crossbow. You get the same action from this crossbow because it has 80 pounds of weight, and it comes with a set of arrows that will be easy to shoot. The device can cock itself when you have pulled the trigger, and it will help you take some of the best possible shots while you are on the hunt. This is one of the best crossbows for deer hunting because of the simplicity.