Top 8 Best Carpenters Tool Belts 2020 Reviews

A carpenter’s tool belt is a vital resource in keeping the variety of specialized tools immediately at hand. Carpenter tool belts help these skilled craftsmen from bending and picking up their tools continually. Carpenter’s work in a myriad of environments. Carpenter’s work with a variety of materials and equipment which a good tool belt holds. The top best carpenter’s tool belts include the following:

8. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Tool Belt

Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Tool Belt

This B145 Gatorback tool belt features 9 pouches containing durable plastic liners. Gatorback B145 is boxy in shape and is available in varied waist sizes. Your waist remains comfortable due to its padded features of a high-density web core material. The belt and the pouches are made to be ventilated with specialized nylon material to keep carpenters from sweating around the waistline. Its nylon strength also enables the pouches to remain light and very rugged to host a myriad of tools. The specific features are:


  • Strong leather belt
  • Right side: 7 storage pockets and sturdy hammer holster or loop
  • Left side: 4 deep pockets that fasten, a separate pocket just to hold squares
  • 2 additional slots
  • Strong tape clip
  • Great one year warranty
  • The Gatorback B145 is a great sturdy tool belt that works in all types of carpenter environments.

7. Dickies Work Gear

Dickies Work Gear

Comfort and durability are the descriptive words for the Dickies Work Gear – 4 piece carpenter’s rig. The Dickies Work Gear belt is designed with varied sized pockets, loops, and pouches. Despite its heavy look, Dickies is really comfortable and versatile. The Dickies is made from heavy-duty, rip-resistant canvas with double steel designed roller buckle, and a 2-inch webbed core belt. Additional features include:


  • Padded suspender straps that help to distribute the weight of heavy tools and material. The straps are easily adjustable
  • Heavy-duty webbed handles for easy toting
  • Left side: 3 wide reinforced pockets, smaller tool pockets, and 2 sturdy tool loops
  • Right side: 7 pockets for tools and supplies and steel loop for hammers
  • Stretchy device pocket for smartphones or small tablets
  • Keeps a carpenter’s waist sweat-free
  • A strong carabiner for fast clip storage action

6. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Tool Belt

Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Tool Belt

All Gatorback B145 tool belts are designed with a boxy look that keeps the tool belt open and keeps tools from making holes in its bottom. It features great air channel ventilation to keep waistline’s free from sweat, breathable, and very comfortable. The tough tool belt features padded foam remains cool and light-wearing.


  • Strong carry handles that are easy to hold
  • Wet-free, specialized plastic nylon lining
  • Left side: 7 wide tool pockets with fasteners
  • Right side: hammer loop, deep single pouches
  • Great one-year warranty
  • The Gatorback B145 is one of the best carpenters tool belts that is worn in every type of a carpenter’s environmental locations.

5. Occidental Leather 8089 LG OxyLights

Occidental Leather 8089 LG OxyLights

If you are a busy carpenter who needs extra pouches, the Occidental 8089 leather tool belt is your best product. The Occidental 8089 features industrial nylon linings that give your waist a continued light-wearing feel. The Occidental leather tool belt is designed with a non-spill and non-stain system. Its padded feature helps to keep its shape for a long time. Additional features are:


  • Reinforced corners
  • Leather belt with steel roller buckle
  • Abrasion-resistant interior industrial strength nylon
  • Left and right side deep pockets, hammer holder and additional tool holders
  • Triple tiered large and smaller pockets and pouches
  • The 8089 Occidental is one of the best carpenters tool belts that will last for a long time.

4. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Belt

The Occidental Leather 9855 is a powerhouse of pouches and pockets. It is one of the most popular leather tool belts for carpenters working in any industry without sagging, ripping or tearing. It features varied tool holders and adjustable waist sizes. It is a high-quality toolset with a left side and a right side that accommodates carpenters who are ambidextrous. Features a very sturdy hammer loop in the center. Additional features include the following:


  • Multiple-sized tool holders
  • Leather-reinforced deep bottom and corners
  • D-rings available if you want to add suspenders
  • Industrial strength nylon interior and a comfortable canvas fabric

3. Dead On DO-FR Framers Rig Tool Belt

Dead On DO-FR Framers Rig Tool Belt

The Dead On ‘s framer’s rig tool belt helps carpenters rest their back and shoulders with four comfortable and rugged suspenders. Its moisture free mesh liner helps protect valuable tools. The Dead On tool belt is one of the best carpenters tool belts on the market. It features three large pouches sturdy enough to keep sharp tools from puncturing the bottom. Additional features are:


  • Customized interior ballistic nylon to keep tools from falling out
  • Customized heavy-weight poly fabric and stretch suspension pockets and pouches
  • One full single body construction
  • Barrel bottom pouches for extra capacity
  • 32 integrated pockets for nail and tool storage
  • 4 boxed shaped pouches, a rafter square pocket, and sturdy hammer loop
  • Suspenders included
  • One size fits all

2. Occidental Leather 9850 Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 9850 Tool Belt

The Occidental 9850 Leather tool belt is convenient to wear with adjustable rugged neoprene nylon and full-grain leather. Features a flat lip that creates an opening for the tool belt. Features also include the following:


  • 24 – 10” deep pockets for multiple tools that are conveniently located around the tool belt multiple tool holders or loops of varied sizes
  • 2-in-1 tool and hammer holder center back
  • 2003 Oxy Tool Shield™ that is designed to hold sharp supplies
  • D-rings if suspenders are needed

1. DeWalt DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt

DeWalt DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt

The DeWalt DG5617 features a sturdy ballistic fabric apron as part of its professional tool belt design. The belt features deep gusset-style pockets. There are 31 pockets with smaller pockets, pocket sleeves, and zippered pockets. The smaller pockets are great for holding smaller tools or your personal items like keys and devices. The DeWalt belt is adjustable and well padded with a customized moisture-free mesh liner. Additional tool belt features are:


  • Light-weight so that you can carry it with one hand
  • Features a lanyard for keys
  • Convenient hammer loop and steel tape clip
  • Double-tongue buckle for better weight stability and comfort
  • 2-large sleeves for tools like a pry bar or a square
  • Built-in utility knife pocket that prevents punctures