Top 8 Best Binoculars For The Money 2020 Reviews

A good pair of binoculars often come in handy. Bird watchers and sports enthusiasts might use binoculars several days each week. Travelers and hikers use binoculars to get more enjoyment out of their treks. Home inspectors or even homeowners can use binoculars to look for issues on roofs or upper stories of buildings. Kids use binoculars for any number of play adventures. Some high-quality binoculars can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but you can find a lot of quality at a much lower price range. Beware of low-quality products, however. Many lower priced binoculars have poor image quality. Some binoculars are so bad you are better off just using your naked eyes. Here is a list of the best binoculars for the money counting down to the best one.

8. Nikon 10×42 ProStaff 3S Binoculars

Nikon 10x42 ProStaff 3S Binoculars

Nikon is well known for their high-quality lenses for both cameras and binoculars. The ProStaff 3S binoculars offer 10x magnification with a 367-foot field of view at 1,000 yards. The multilayer-coated lenses and high-reflectivity prism coating make images sharp and bright. Relatively lightweight (20.3 ounces) and compact, these binoculars are perfect for casual outdoor activities. The ProStaff 3S is waterproof and fog-free, making them suitable for any weather conditions. Included with the binoculars are a high-quality strap, a case, and lens caps. These binoculars maintain a five-star rating on Amazon with over 100 ratings. The Nikon ProStaff 3S is the most expensive binoculars on this list.

7. Adorrgon 12×42 Roof Prism Binoculars

Adorrgon 12x42 Roof Prism Binoculars

At 12x magnification, the Adorrgon binoculars tie for the largest magnification factor on our list, but the 367-foot field of view at 1,000 yards still makes it easy to locate objects. These binoculars work well in low-light environments. Weighing in at 1.1 lbs and measuring 5.75 inches long, these binoculars may be too large for children. These binoculars are great for bird watching, hunting, or watching concerts or sports.

6. Gosky 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars

Gosky 10x42 Roof Prism Binoculars

One of the more expensive binoculars on this list, the Gosky 10×42 does come with more accessories than the other models. In addition to a carrying case, a strap, eyepiece and lens covers, a cleaning cloth, and a tripod mount, the Grosky binoculars come with a smartphone adapter. The camera lens of the Smartphone can view through the binoculars. One of the longer (5.75 inches) and heavier (1.55 lbs) binoculars on this list, it is not the best choice for children. At 307 feet at 1,000 yards, it also has a smaller field of view than some of the other larger binoculars on the list.

5. SkyGenius 10×50 Full-Size Binoculars

SkyGenius 10x50 Full-Size Binoculars

At 7.48 inches long and weighing 1.76 pounds, the SkyGenius 10×50 is recommended for adults only. Tied for the largest lens on the list, the 50mm objective lens allows for more light to be captured. This means clearer and brighter images for the viewer. A Diopter Systems allows the user to independently adjust each eyepiece to allow for vision imbalances. The durable and solid design includes a rubber finish. This provides a firm, comfortable grip, but it also offers shock resistance in case the binoculars are dropped.

4. Bushnell 10×42 H2O Roof Prism Binoculars

Bushnell 10x42 H2O Roof Prism Binoculars

Bushnell is perhaps the biggest name in binoculars. The H2O is the first of three Bushnell models on the list. As the model name implies, the Bushnell H2O is 100% waterproof. The air inside the binoculars has the nitrogen removed to make the binoculars fog-proof. These binoculars have rubber armor and are built to last. They come with a limited lifetime warranty. A good option for children as these binoculars are smaller and lighter than many others on the list. The 10x magnification and 42mm lenses allow the user to focus on objects as close as 12 feet. The field of view is 305 feet at 1,000 yards.

3. Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

Bushnell Falcon 10x50 Wide Angle Binoculars

The Bushnell Falcon 10×50 is the first of two binoculars on this list that features the Bushnell “Instafocus System.” The system consists of a central focusing lever which allows for fine-tuning the focus. This is an excellent feature for watching moving objects. These full-sized binoculars are over 9 inches long and weigh in at almost 1.7 pounds. This makes them the bulkiest pair of binoculars on the list, but they offer Bushnell quality at an extremely attractive price.

2. Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars

Bushnell Falcon 7x35 Binoculars

The Falcon 7×35 has the lowest magnification and smallest lens size on the list, but they have features the others don’t. For one thing, these binoculars have a huge field of view: 420 feet field of view at 1,000 yards. The broader field of view makes it easier to find the objects you wish to view. It also has the “Instafocus System” for quickly focusing on moving targets. These two features make this an excellent choice for birdwatching or for watching sports.

1. Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars

Occer 12x25 Compact Binoculars

The best binoculars for the money are the Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars. The compact size and light-weight (10.4 ounces) make this a great choice for kids or travel. The 12x magnification brings images close-up. The 273 feet at 1,000 yards field of view is reasonable for such a compact unit. The unit is small enough to allow for smooth one-handed operation. Even though these binoculars have a lower price tag than some others on this list, the Occer has high-quality manufacturing. They are waterproof, shockproof, and very durable. These binoculars are made of ABS plastic and are covered in non-slip rubber armor. The objective lenses use an FMC multilayer broadband green film coating. The coating gives these binoculars excellent color acuity and image.