Best Baby Dolls For 2-Year-Olds 2020 Reviews

Babies are such amazing gifts to all parents out there. As their parents, we would assume that you only want the best for your babies. Especially for two years old, they are now exploring their surroundings and playing with anything they set their eyes on. They must have good safety and fun features for your babies. One of which is a baby doll as they are cute and fascinating for your babies. To help you, we have picked up 10 of the best baby dolls for 2 years old on the market and answered a few questions that you have about what to look for.

10. HABA Snug Up Roya – 10″ Soft Doll

HABA Snug Up Roya - 10

Looking for something sweet and inspiring for your kids to play with? You might want to consider this HABA snug-up Roya soft doll. This baby with lively red hair, green eyes, and adorable freckles, this doll is going to be your child’s sweet companion in no time. The doll’s body is super soft and cuddly, perfect for hugging to sleep or carrying around. The dress can be removed easily to wash or change with her sewn-on shoes. The red hair is tied up in cute ponytails, so you can rest assured that it won’t get messy. This doll is made of high-quality polyester that is machine-washable and super soft. Your kids are guaranteed to keep inspired and fascinated every day.


  • Soft, cuddly, and high-quality
  • Adorable appearance and design
  • Easy to handle and care for

9. Melissa and Doug Jordan Doll

Melissa and Doug Jordan Doll

This bouncing baby doll is very well-known among doctors and child development experts around the world. This Melissa and Doug doll is a 12-inch clothed boy baby doll with a light skin tone. The size is perfect for 18 months and older kids to hug, cuddle, and play with. It also has realistic features and interactive features. Wipe-clean arms, a removable romper, a cap, and it can either suck its thumb or the pacifier. As you rock him to sleep, he closes with brown eyes. Super adorable! With its high-quality standards and considerate features, this doll is guaranteed to bring your child 100% happiness and a sympathetic guarantee.


  • Perfect for 18 months babies or older
  • Foster and help your kids play happily
  • Realistic features and interactive features

8. Cry Babies Goodnight Coney – Sleepy Time Baby Doll

Cry Babies Goodnight Coney - Sleepy Time Baby Doll

Let’s take a look at this Cry Babies Goodnight Coney sleepy time baby doll. These will entertain and help your babies fall asleep better. The ball has a very soft body with super soft and fluffy pajamas. It even has interactive features! If you take the baby pacifier out, the LED tears light up. And when you give her the pacifier back, her face lights up with a soothing glow. On top of that, the doll can play 5 sweet lullabies for up to 10 minutes by pressing its tummy. Helping your babies fall asleep peacefully! It also makes realistic baby sounds. Super soft and lightweight!


  • Soft, fluffy, and lightweight
  • Interactive Features
  • Realistic baby sounds and lullabies

7. Gloveleya Girl Toys First Baby Doll

Gloveleya Girl Toys First Baby Doll

These Gloveleya Girl Toys’ first baby dolls are the best dream dolls of every little girl on the market. The super soft and colorful baby dolls come in a variety of colors with super high-quality materials. The polyester fibers and plush and PP cotton filler are very soft, durable, and environmentally friendly. Toxic-free and safe! It is even machine washable! You can either get this baby doll as part of your nursery’s decoration or even as a gift for your child’s birthday, Christmas, thanksgiving, and more! The perfect dolls for our baby girls. The doll is about 14 inches in height with a green dress with a crown embroidered on top and green hair.


  • Amazing appearance and design
  • Soft, durable, and environmentally friendly
  • Toxic-free and machine-washable

6. Conzy Stuffed Baby Doll Gifts

Conzy Stuffed Baby Doll Gifts

If you are looking for a cute and safe doll for your baby girls, this Conzy Stuffed Baby Doll gifts. It is super soft and cuddly with a gift bag in about 16.5inches. It is appropriate for all ages from even a 0+ years baby or kids, little girl gift, 1st birthday gifts, or even 1-4 years old girl gift. These are made with super high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly, soft plush fabric and PP cotton filler. It will not cause discomfort on your baby’s skin even as your babies snuggle in their arms and play with it all day long. You can toss the doll into the washing machine for easy maintenance as every seam is tight and well-stitched. Super easy to carry and care for! A gift bag is included, as well!


  • Appropriate for kids of all ages
  • Safe, soft, and high-quality
  • Easy to carry and wash

5. Cabbage Patch Cuties Opal Unicorn

Cabbage Patch Cuties Opal Unicorn

Part of the Fantasy Friends Collection, this Cabbage Patch cuties opal unicorn soft baby doll is very famous and for good reasons! This soft and cuddly baby doll comes dressed up as different characters that resemble real babies. You can choose from a list of mystical creatures such as unicorns, mermaid, and dragon. A soft body and sculpted head have a classic feel that resembles the iconic original Cabbage Patch Cutie. This doll is around 9 inches tall with a fresh baby powder scent and a non-removable outfit. We would recommend this product for children of up to 3 years old and up. Get the best for your children to play and cuddle during their playtimes!


  • Soft, cuddly, and fresh
  • Perfect for playing and cuddling
  • Different mystical characters

4. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella

Looking for a soft and no-hassle first baby doll for your child? This Manhattan toy baby Stella beige has a head full of brown hair, hair ribbons, a navy striped onesie with a hook and loop closure for easy clothing changes. It is meant to be cuddled, snuggled, and held tightly by your baby. The embroidered facial features, interchangeable outfits, and diapers add to its cuteness! With the life-like features and magnetic pacifier, it will be your true baby’s first friend. This doll is made from super high-quality yet soft materials that are also washable! The perfect fabric for babies under 2-3 years old. The brand guarantees its safety and quality! Your baby is sure to enjoy taking care, playing, and nurturing with this baby doll.


  • High-quality materials
  • Perfect as the first baby doll for your babies
  • Soft and cuddly

3. Kidoozie Snug and Hug Baby Doll

Kidoozie Snug and Hug Baby Doll

Every young girl needs a baby doll, and they definitely need to have one of these Kidoozie Snug and Hug baby doll. This is an adorable, soft, and cuddly baby doll with lifelike features and a lovely outfit. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! This doll also comes with a feeding bottle and a removable outfit, enough pieces to be engaging without overwhelming your child. It is made from super high-quality and safe materials that are guaranteed to last! With this doll, your child will learn a lot of beneficial skills while maintaining healthy development. From problem-solving to coordination, complex reasoning, and growing minds and creativity, this doll will promote them all! As we mentioned, it comes with various extra features to indulge and fascinate your child without overwhelming them.


  • Inspire healthy development and growth
  • Lifelike and interactive features
  • High-quality materials and design

2. Adora Soft Baby Doll Boy Baby

Adora Soft Baby Doll Boy Baby

If you are looking for something sweet, cute, and cuddly for your child, you may want to consider getting them this Adora soft baby doll boy baby. This is the perfect doll for your child to hold and love for years to come! With its fresh scent, sweet face, and adorable outfit, your kids will enjoy playing and nurturing them all day long. It comes in a light skin tone, a blue jersey onesie with an elephant, and a matching blue nightcap. On top of that, this baby doll also comes with its own crib for the perfect bedtime play. Need to wash? Just throw them in the washing machine with no hassle. It will be clean and perfect again in no time for your baby alive for 2 years old.


  • It comes in a cute design with its own crib
  • Perfect for hugging and nurturing
  • Easy to maintain and handle

1. Adora Twin Baby Dolls

Adora Twin Baby Dolls

If variety is what you are aiming for, this Adora twin baby dolls gift set is the one for you. It is very trendy and cute with two baby dolls (boy and girl), 15 doll accessories, and sweet, adorable faces! These dolls and accessories are 100% machine washable and made from safe, BPA-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic materials. Perfect for your young children! The bodies are soft and cuddly with a fresh baby scent. With different themes, you can also get different clothes and beanies designs. The accessories include 2 alligator security blankets, 2 bottles, bibs, and more! It is a perfect choice as one of the best 2-year-old baby doll gift sets on the market. Perfect for any occasion, from birthdays to Christmases, and more!


  • Huge variety of accessories
  • 2 baby dolls in one set
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High-quality materials

Buying Guide of Baby Doll and FAQs

After going through the article, you may have a lot of questions in mind. To help you even further, we are going to try and answer all of them for you.

What is the Best Type of Baby Doll for 2 Years Old?

This age group is an enjoyable and special one, as they are generally still developing their cognitive and physical development. There are many types of toys that they may find fascinating, but still, there are a few things you should keep in mind for.

The best type of baby doll for your babies should be super safe for them. At 2 years old, they are still exploring things and putting items in their mouths. Thus, you need to make sure that the dolls will not be a choking hazard. Another thing is that the materials should be non-toxic. Therefore, your child will be able to still explore things at their own pace without risking their lives.

Another thing is that you should find something that has simple accessories and sounds. Nursery rhymes or songs that can introduce them to concepts such as alphabets, numbers, or colors, and more can enhance their pretend play. Make sure that the accessories are large enough to be handled without frustration.

Why is Baby Doll Important?

Playing with a baby doll is an essential part of your baby’s growing process. A doll represents your child; thus, your child can learn many social and nurturing skills in their early years by playing with them. In a way, they practice the cognitive, fine motor, and self-help skills on something else first to apply to themselves later.

What Factors do You Need to Consider When Buying a Baby Doll for 2 Years Old?

Here are the things you need to consider when it comes to buying the best doll for a 2-year-old:

Like we said earlier, accessories should be interactive, but it should not be a choking hazard. For safety reasons, it should be big enough for your child to play with, and there should be some variety. With accessories, your child will stay entertained and engaged for a long time. On top of accessories, it should also sound effects and interactive elements.

Another thing is that it should be soft and cuddly as well. The body of the dolls should be soft and comfortable for your child to cuddle. All materials should be non-toxic, including the accessories and paints. Also, keep in mind that the seaming needs to be checked regularly for loose parts.

What does the Best Baby Doll for 2 Years Old Look Like?

So, all in all, what does the best baby doll look like? The best baby doll for your 2 years old should be made from soft and non-toxic materials with big enough parts to avoid choking and interactive features. Remember that your child needs to be entertained and fascinated by the baby dolls.

We hope that our article can help you look for the best doll for your 2 years old baby. We would still advise you to read everything thoroughly and choose the one that best fits your interests. Please do not feel restricted only to buy the products on our list. Be very careful, and Happy Shopping!