Top 8 Best 18650 Battery Chargers 2020 Reviews

If you’re looking for one of the best 18650 battery chargers, here’s a whole list of them. There are several smart chargers that are also universal chargers. They have the ability to detect when a battery may be overheating or in danger of becoming damaged. They can charge several different batteries at once and several of them come with car adapters.

8. VRK X2 PRO Battery Charger

VRK X2 PRO Battery Charger

This battery charger is a two amper wall plug charger. It charges the battery at lightning speed, so you’ll have a full battery in no time at all. Its outer shell is made out of fire resistant material. If a fire suddenly breaks out, this charger isn’t likely to suffer any damage. This charger has springs that are strong enough to be stretched. These springs increase the charger’s life along with keeping the battery from sliding out of place. This smart charger has protection against short circuiting and never delivers a higher current of voltage than what’s needed. This charger monitors the battery’s temperature to keep it from overheating. This charger was designed by scientists and engineers to be a top quality charger. It’s meant to be fast and able to charge whatever kind of battery you have.

7. INLIFE Universal Battery Charger

INLIFE Universal Battery Charger

This battery charger is compatible with several different Li-ion batteries along with rechargeable batteries that are cylindrical. This charger has an LCD display that will show you the charging percentage, the battery’s temperature, how much charging time is left and other charging info. This charger can detect what kind of battery is being charged and deliver the correct current and voltage that battery needs. There are four slots, so four different batteries can be charged at the same time. There is protection against a battery being charged after reaching one hundred percent. When the charger senses the battery is fully recharged, the charging will stop. You won’t have to worry about the battery getting damaged while it’s being charged.

6. NITECORE Universal Smart Battery Charger

NITECORE Universal Smart Battery Charger

This smart charger by EdisonBright is compatible with many different kinds of batteries. Like the chargers mentioned above, it’s able to set the correct current and voltage for each battery being charged. This charger, like the previous ones, also has reverse polarity protection to keep itself and whatever battery is being charged from becoming damaged. This charger has a car charger and carrying case, so it can be used while you’re out driving.

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5. Snado Intelligent Charger

Snado Intelligent Charger

This charger has an LCD display that shows the status of the battery being charged. This way you can watch for when it’s fully charged. It’s an intelligent charger, so the charging will stop on its own once the battery has reached one hundred percent. There is a temperature protection which will cause the charging to stop if the battery or the charger starts to overheat. This charger is also compatible with different kinds of batteries including Li-ion.

4. Efest Multifunctional Charger

Efest Multifunctional Charger

This Efest charger has six slots to charge multiple batteries at once. Each slot is monitored in order to deliver the correct current. There is an LCD display screen for this charger as well so you can watch the battery as it’s being charged. Just like the other chargers, this one has protection against reverse polarity, the battery being overcharged and short circuiting. You can switch between charging at point sixty eight A or at two A.

3. EBL Battery Charger

EBL Battery Charger

This charger uses iQuick technology to quickly charge your batteries. It’s compatible with various types of batteries, but not quadruple A. All of these chargers have a function that automatically stops the charging once the battery is fully charged, and this one does too. It has smart LED lights that indicate how much the battery is charged. Once all three lights are lit up, the battery is fully charged. It supports DC charging and can be brought along in the car. This makes it convenient for road trips. It can also be brought along and used anywhere DC charging is available.

2. Zanflare Speedy Universal Smart Charger

Zanflare Speedy Universal Smart Charger

This is a universal charger and can charge different kinds of batteries at the same time. Just like several chargers mentioned before this one, it has an LCD display. The screen will show various info such as how much charging time is left. The charger has an output function that allows it to be used as a power bank. There are four independent slots with four different currents to choose from. You can choose between charge mode, fast test mode, or nor test mode. This charger also comes with a car adapter.

1. EASTSHINE Speedy Smart Charger

EASTSHINE Speedy Smart Charger

This universal smart charger was designed to meet the safety standards of being fire resistant and having intelligent circuiting. Being universal, it’s compatible with several different kinds of batteries. It’s a smart charger with an LCD display. You can keep an eye on it as the battery is being charged. You don’t have to worry about the battery being over charged or over heating as the power will be automatically cut to avoid it. A car charger is included for using while out driving.